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7/3/17 // John in the Studio

John’s in the studio to catch up on Trump’s battle with Joe and Mika and the potential role of the National Enquirer, the travel ban, and listener mail. Photo by World Affairs Council of… | listen

6/27/17 // John McEnroe Again Belittles Serena Williams

Williams slams back McEnroe's volley. | read

4/18/17 // Cutting The Bull About That Statue

If Modica truly meant it as a gift for the American people, then the American people get to decide what it means. | read

4/11/17 // Stripping Down to Power Up

“Style Like U” is a media movement backed by mother/daughter team Elisa Goodkind and Lily Mandelbaum, who are making an important point about the fashion industry by interviewing prominent personalities in their underwear. BTRtoday explores how style comes from what's underneath your clothes and… | read

4/10/17 // Wikipedia Has a Problem With Women

The historical community itself has not evolved enough in its coverage of women, nor in its approach to the study of alternative histories, and neither history academia nor Wikipedia can wait for the other to adapt. | read

3/30/17 // Dating In Your Band

We're talking to BTR's own Becca Chodorkoff about what it's like being in a band with her boyfriend, and how she deals with sexism in the music world. | listen

11/5/16 // Making Sense of Trump Support

To the liberal among us, support for Donald Trump may feel inexplicable, but the frustrations he’s accentuated won’t quiet down anytime soon. | read

11/4/16 // Benevolent Liberal Sexism

The problems with idealizing women, the need for diversity in cyber security, and the Cubs win the World Series. Molly and Gideon watch Cubs photo: Margot Hanley | listen

10/12/16 // Continuing Fallout from Trump Tapes

Continuing thoughts on the Trump tapes and the debate, Jeff Sessions and other Republicans say grabbing a woman's genitals isn't sexual assault, and listener mail.   | listen

10/11/16 // Frontline's Confronting ISIS

Frontline's Martin Smith joins us to discuss his new documentary Confronting ISIS, and thoughts on the second presidential debate.   | listen

9/28/16 // The First Presidential Debate

Looking at the first presidential debate through the lens of gender, race, and foreign policy.   | listen

9/26/16 // Can We Kill The Phrase "Daddy Issues?"

The quickest and easiest way to shut down a woman’s sexual interests and kinks, as well as any opinions she might express, is to declare her hysterical and possessing of “daddy issues.” | read

8/26/16 // Turkey’s Military Enters Syria

Turkey's military crosses over into Syria, bad people hack Leslie Jones, and listener mail.   | listen

8/5/16 // Getting Naked to Protest

A hundred nude women gathered in front of the RNC to protest sexist rhetoric and policy of the Republican party. Though this project made headlines, nude protests are nothing new. | read

8/3/16 // Black Lives Matter At City Hall

Black Lives Matter activists stage an action at City Hall in New York, the United States begins a new bombing campaign in Libya, and Trump claims the election will be “rigged” in November. Photo… | listen

6/28/16 // Men and Women Are Not Different, Sexism Is

We explore a study that demonstrates believing in innate sexual differences is a predictor of sexist attitudes, whether hostile or benevolent. | read

2/9/16 // Frontline's The Fantasy Sports Gamble

The New York Times' Walt Bogdanich joins us to discuss a new Frontline documentary on fantasy sports, Gloria Steinem and Madeleine Albright shame young women who support Bernie Sanders, and listener mail. | listen

9/5/15 // On Cheating, Sexism, and Being Single

This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane analyze the concept of cheating in response to the Ashley Madison hack. Then, the pair delves into sexism against waitresses in the restaurant industry. The show wraps with a discussion on being single and happy. | listen

8/20/15 // Parker Molloy on Caitlyn Jenner

Parker Marie Molloy on Caitlyn Jenner, inclusive language around reproductive rights, and what happened with the journalist who wrote the disturbing Dr. V story. Also, a super belated venting about Trump, and listener mail. | listen

6/6/15 // On Dating and Consuming Media

This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss a 'Cosmo' piece on how to get a boyfriend. Then, the pair analyzes a Jessica Valenti piece that talks about sexism as it pertains to the media we consume. The show wraps with Molly and Dane divulging the stories of their first relationships. | listen

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