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9/30/16 // Selfies Might Be Good For You

A recent study performed at the University of California, Irvine has claimed that taking selfies is actually good for a person’s self esteem and can help lower stress. | read

3/8/16 // When Selfies Kill

It sounds like a joke, but selfies are becoming an increasingly serious cause of death. BTRtoday takes a look into the motives behind the dangerous social media habit. | read

10/17/15 // Sex, Selfies, and 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss surprising statistics about sex. Then, the pair delves into the importance of selfies for young women in response to a Huffington Post article. The show wraps with an in-depth conversation about The CW's new show, 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.' | listen

10/8/15 // Lifestyle: Selfies Kill More Than Sharks

New findings suggest selfies are more deadly than sharks and pose a serious issue to travelers. As explained by Mashable, four of this year's selfie-related deaths were the result of falling, while others were caused by photo-takers being hit by a train. | read

9/1/15 // #NoFilter Versus Editing

Although #NoFilter may have been a popular trend on Instagram a few years ago, the app and its users have begun to embrace more editing on photos uploaded to the feed. | read

8/21/15 // Selfie Courses Taught in CA

School Week - At University of Southern California (USC), writing professor Mark C. Marino asks his class to examine five of their own selfies and consider the potential implications from the perspectives of race-ethnicity, socioeconomics, sexuality, and gender. | read

5/23/15 // The Hash

This week on The Hash, DJs Molly and Dane begin by taking a look at an AskMen piece called “Confronting Male Stereotypes.” Then, the pair talks the importance of a #SelfieClass that is taught at the University of Southern California. The show wraps with an in-depth discussion about Hollywood’s… | listen

4/2/15 // Move and Groove Selfies

Photographer and choreographer Mickael Jou is taking 365 professional self-portraits around the world. "I want to feel like I'm flying away and magical," Jou tells BTR. "This is my world; the thing about photography is that everyone has their own world." | read

2/22/15 // Selfie Versus Self

Selfie Week - How do selfies impact an individual's perception of self? | read

2/21/15 // The Hash

This week, The Hash covers "I'm fine," selfies, and pplkpr. | listen

2/21/15 // Red Perception

Selfie Week - Adam Alter shares insight on how humans perceive red. | read

2/20/15 // Selves in Art and Selfies

‘The Selfie and Others’ on Manhattan’s Upper East Side features digital photos amongst other portraits. | read

2/20/15 // Fighting ‘Revenge Porn’

Selfie Week - A new initiative to criminalize ex-lovers posting nude selfies of former partners online. | read

2/19/15 // Third Eye Weekly

We talk with the inventor of Selfie on a Stick, a researcher on the narcissim of selfies, and selfies as an art form. | listen

2/19/15 // Selfie Stick Speaks

Selfie Week – A chat with the co-founder of Selfie on a Stick about the product’s craze. | read

1/15/15 // Elevating the Selfie

The popularization of the selfie stick is changing the art of selfie-taking as we know it. | read

12/30/14 // Art Selfie Movement

The pros and cons of taking selfies in art museums. | read

10/24/14 // Frosty Fanatics

Anti-Social Week – The director of the viral short film 'Aspirational' chats about how fans interact with celebrities these days. | read

6/28/14 // The Party Hour

We got a great mix of indie music for your weekend. Bangers from A-Trak, Diplo and Childish Gambino all in the show. We also got a new remix of The Chain Smokers hit single #Selfie. For those you may be sick of that song, this remix maybe exactly what you've been looking for. | listen

4/28/14 // Beard Transplants

This week on BreakThruTV, Sarah Fraser sits down with Dr. Yael Halaas to talk about the rising trend in beard transplants. The cosmetic surgery, which ranges from $3,000 - $7,500, is popular among men who want to fill in their patchy facial hair or are unable to grow a beard altogether. Dr. Halaas… | watch

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