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11/7/17 // Versing

It takes a serious sense of self-assuredness for a band from Seattle to put out an that shares the name of the city’s most popular band,, but as Versing have proven, they’re definitely on their… | listen

11/7/17 // "Call Me Out" by Versing

It takes a serious self-assuredness for a band from Seattle to put out an album that shares the name of the city’s most popular band, but as Versing proves, they’re definitely on their own trip.… | watch

6/23/17 // Episode 34 / Suicide Squeeze Records

This week we head to Seattle to check out the latest and greatest from the 20+ year running Suicide Squeeze Records before getting into some other new releases! | listen

5/3/17 // Music Scenes Around The World

Culture and lifestyles are different everywhere—this is no exception to music! BTRtoday explores the music scenes around the world. | read

4/19/17 // Jack // Moving Away From His Best Friend

As a recent transplant to New York City from Seattle, Jack shares what it’s been like to leave his best friend and move to a new city. He talks about some of their adventures and even takes the… | watch

1/25/17 // Week of 01/25/17

Brand new weird Wednesday tunes from Pavo Pavo and Kid Koala, featuring Emiliana Torrini, stay tuned for all that and more… | listen

12/18/16 // Exploring the Cult of Garbage Eaters

BTRtoday takes an inside look at the cult of "Garbage Eaters." | read

11/29/16 // “Luv Is Dumb” by Lisa Prank

Lisa Prank is the musical alter ego of Seattle-based songwriter Robin Edwards, backed by the ever-reliable rhythm section of her trusty drum machine. The Lisa Frank-nod in the band’s name hints at… | watch

10/3/16 // The Gooch Palms

This Australian-duo has made their roots in L.A., but that doesn't stop them from touring constantly! Catch them live and you'll find yourself saying, "hell yeah!" by the very first note! | read

9/2/16 // Hotels

On sea changes, relationships, peace within, and the rewards of working with Erik Blood on the awesome new album "Night Showers." | read

7/18/16 // Tacocat

Tacocat is the must-have band for your summer playlist. You gotta love 'em! They're fun, colorful, punk rock and love cats--and if the Internet has taught us anything, it's that the world loves cats! | listen

6/7/16 // "Sugar Teeth" by Tangerine

Tangerine is a Seattle-based garage pop trio with a rough and dreamy style that complements their straightforward, catchy songs. The band doesn’t waste much energy on frills beyond some sweet guitar… | watch

3/27/16 // Week of 03/27/16

Hanabi is not a hater. Well usually Hanabi is, but not when it comes to vegetarian and vegan foods. Hanabi is very judge-y though. It’s not that meat or dairy free foods are bad, it’s just that there needs to be a greater level of creativity and attention to detail when preparing these foods.… | listen

11/15/15 // Week of 11/15/15

Hanabi is back from their trips and decide to take a stay-cation. Hey, Seattle isn’t a bad place to do that either. Hanabi likes to go to some of the lesser talked about, more off the beaten path, every-man kind of places. It’s even better when yo consider how often he does this for Japanese… | listen

10/11/15 // Mobile Week Edition

BTR Eatopia: Mobile Week Edition | listen

9/11/15 // Update on the citywide Seattle teachers' strike

Nearly a decade and a half after 9/11 it's clear bin Laden changed the US forever, update on the citywide Seattle teachers' strike, Trump mocks Fiorina's face, REM blasts Trump and Cruz, and Walker says no more Syrian refugees. | listen

8/31/15 // Weighing NYC’s Wages

Labor Week - Last month, workers in New York City saw the passing of an historic bill: legislation mandating that all fast food chains raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour. The measure will roll out over the next few years. | read

8/9/15 // Happiness Week Edition

Just because it’s Happiness week here at BTR doesn’t mean that Pharell song is any good. It’s still terrible. But, I’m eternally happy that I was able to take my vegan buddy out for a little b-day meal where he could order more than just some weak, stir-fried veggie after-thought. We went to… | listen

8/2/15 // Buzz Week Edition

Buzz week may seem like a great week to do honey tasting, but there isn’t better honey you can buy than Hanabi’s family label from Minnesota. So there’s really no point in tasting others. It’s not even close. So let’s switch gears and talk about beer, because that’s a great way to catch… | listen

7/26/15 // Roots Week Edition

Mmmmmm, food! We’ve got lots of it for you too. Basically, Hanabi and Insane Dane are out here stretching our waistlines so that you don’t have to. But seriously, Hanabi went to Trestle the other day and had what can only be described as a super delicious, four course price-fixe menu for a… | listen

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