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5/3/17 // Trump: Revolutionary War “Could Have Been Avoided”

In an attempt to backtrack controversial comments he made abou the Civil War earlier in the week, President Donald Trump was quoted Wednesday saying the American Revolution “also probably could've been avoided.” | read

4/26/17 // Mug Enjoying New Life as Desk Pen Holder

It thought beverages would fill its life with meaning, but writing utensils work just as well. | read

4/19/17 // Man Reluctantly Subscribes to Roommate's Podcast

He subscribed despite the fact that it would completely clog up his feed and likely sap the last of his phone's remaining storage. | read

4/12/17 // Trump's Plan for Syria Includes New Line of T-Shirts, Hats

The statement offered no specific details as to the scale or type of intervention planned, but that military action was being prepared “behind the scenes.” | read

4/5/17 // Respectful Discussion Prevails in Facebook Comments Section

The thread featured tasteful exchanges between commenters and a respectful expression of differing viewpoints. | read

3/29/17 // White House Says Trump Playing “Limited Role” as President

The statement was released in an effort to downplay ties with Russia. | read

3/22/17 // Special Report: My Mother's Red Sauce Better Than Your Mother's

No disrespect, but it's not even close. | read

3/15/17 // Man Drunkenly Harassing People on Train Actually Wants Everyone to Love Each Other

“No one pays attention, no one loves in this city anymore.” | read

3/8/17 // Winter: I'm Still Here, You Pricks

Oh, you're ready for spring? Fuck off. | read

2/25/17 // This Dude Wants You to Glue Your Vagina Shut

Dr. Dan Dopps has come up with a “revolutionary” alternative menstrual product. It's one that is literally designed to seal together the “the lips down-under during the period.” THIS IS REAL, PEOPLE. | read

2/22/17 // Click on This and Read It

Go on, click, I dare you. Please. | read

2/15/17 // Monopoly Game Ends Amicably

The participants shook hands and even smiled and laughed with one another while cleaning up. | read

2/1/17 // Tinder Match Picks Perfect Time & Place to Flake on Date

The exact venue of the date, which won't happen, is yet to be determined. | read

1/25/17 // Inbound Hurricane Set to Fool Millions of Coastal Idiots

They actually think they're in danger. | read

1/18/17 // Apartment Garbage Bin Growing Jealous of Coffee Table Ash Tray

It's creating a trash heap of drama. | read

1/11/17 // Cleveland Browns File Petition to Draft Entire Clemson Offense

The move would shake up the football world while simultaneously ruining the players' lives. | read

1/4/17 // Man Builds Time Machine, Forgets Password

Sources confirm it's neither his wife's birthday or his childhood mutt, Rodney. | read

12/28/16 // Trump Proposes Elimination of Monday

Washington wasn't expecting this kind of change. | read

12/21/16 // Car Air Freshener Merely Decoration At This Point

It lost its scent months ago. | read

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