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3/20/17 // Why the Subreddit r/TwoXChromosomes Is Still Important

TwoXChromosomes was made a default subreddit almost three years ago, and has changed significantly. Its intended goal has been “watered down” by “drive-by participants.” | read

2/5/17 // Meet The Antinatalists, Who Wish You’d Never Been Born

Antinatalists assign a negative value to birth, asserting that the act of being born is a cruelty in and of itself. If it were up to them, it’d be bye bye babies! | read

1/19/17 // Trump Pee and Online Censorship

Today we're talking Trump pee and online censorship, as well as covering some of our favorite and least favorite online comics. | listen

12/29/16 // Happy New Year (Almost)

Round out the year with some easy listening. Myself and show BFF are talking 4chan, reddit, tumblr porn, and dick pics. | listen

11/10/16 // The Future of Trolling

With trolling at an all-time high, what does the future look like for social media's saltiest crusaders? BTRtoday explores. | read

11/7/16 // Playing Devil's Advocate Doesn't Negate Bigotry

The ever-so-popular “devil’s advocates” are just doing the Lord’s (in a manner of speaking) work in advancing arguments they totally don’t mean and just want to throw out there in defense of those that need no defense. | read

8/21/16 // The Shitty Truth About Cyberbullying

Bullying is a major issue for kids today, and the advent of technological advances have created an altogether new beast: cyber-bullying. | read

3/21/16 // Rob Nightingale

This week we chat about 2016 travel trends and catch up with Rod Nightingale, who gives us the scoop on communities for traveling digital nomads! | listen

6/16/15 // David Banks on Reddit and speech

David Banks on Reddit banning a disparaging subreddit, and thoughts on Rachel Dolezal. | listen

9/20/14 // Scotch & Cinema

We review Brian Knappenberger's "Internet's Own Boy," a documentary on the life of Reddit founder and political activist Aaron Swartz | listen

4/1/14 // Internet Crime Confessions - Anonymity Week

Facebook and Reddit offer different consequences of confessing crimes online. | read

1/15/13 // Radio Dispatch

We spend the hour on recent transphobic comments and columns by two prominent UK writers, and we're joined by James Hetterley and Laurie Penny to respond to those awful comments and discuss the importance of recognizing intersectionality when discussing feminism and oppression. | listen

10/17/12 // Radio Dispatch

Jesse Myerson is back to continue the co-host party and John sends his second dispatch from Guantanamo Bay, including more audio from lawyers discussing presumptive classification. Plus, Jesse's vision of our impending dystopic future, the outting of a troll by Gawker, more NYPD beatings, and… | listen

5/2/12 // Tears of Rage: The Death of Levon Helm and the Rise of Crowd Funding - Technology and Science Week

Emotions run high in a debate over filesharing, Kickstarter, and what the death of a musical legend says about the industry. | read

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