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5/15/18 // Sa'dia Rehman

Sa’dia Rehman is a transdisciplinary artist whose work is fueled by a critical exploration of Muslim American identity and how it intersects with race, power and gender. | listen

3/14/18 // Black Panther's POC Appeal Made it a Blockbuster

The majority black cast blockbuster tapped into an enthusiastic African American audience through savvy marketing. Will Hollywood notice? | read

3/8/18 // John Knefel // CPAC Makes Nice With White Nationalists

John Knefel looks back on the recent conservative political conference known as CPAC and shares his impressions of the various extremist ideologies espoused there and what they mean for the current… | watch

2/26/18 // Making Pre-Race Jitters Work For You

When you toe the line for a race, you’re bound to be nervous. That stress can help you or paralyze you—here’s what you have to remember. | read

11/13/17 // Inspired by Flanagan’s Marathon Win? Here’s How to Start

Flanagan's the first American woman to win the NYC Marathon since 1975—here's how to follow her footsteps. | read

10/12/17 // Marcus Wicker - Silencer: Poems

Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Oddisee meet traditional verse in this urgent collection of poems by Pushcart Prize winner and NAACP Image Award finalist Marcus Wicker. | listen

9/29/17 // Ep 25 // Take A Knee / ‘Battle Of The Sexes’

Shalewa & Matt on #TakeAKnee, race, Trump, etc. Charles Hinshaw on ‘Battle Of The Sexes.’ Molly Knefel on what Kaepernick started. Siv Jacobsen’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

9/22/17 // Ep 24 // Sean Spicer & Issa Rae Go To The Emmys / ‘mother!’

Rena & Matt on Sean Spicer’s appearance and Issa Rae’s comments at the Emmys. Charles Hinshaw on ‘mother!’ John Knefel on BernieCare For All. gobbinjr’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

9/8/17 // Ep 22 // Rabbi Avram Mlotek on Judaism Today / ‘Wind River’ / ‘Ingrid Goes West’

Matt Ruby and Rabbi Avram Mlotek on Judaism today. Molly Knefel on “both sides” talk; sneak peek of Domino Kirke’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

9/7/17 // Molly Knefel // There Is Only One Side

Molly Knefel offers her take on the “both sides” argument that often surfaces regarding political parties or activist groups with differing beliefs, which suggests neither side is completely… | watch

9/1/17 // Ep 21 // Fall Movie Preview

Jacqueline Soller & Charles Hinshaw on upcoming fall movies, thoughts on summer movies seen, and Star Wars. Molly Knefel on natural disasters as political disasters; sneak peek of Sad12’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

8/31/17 // Natural Disasters are Political Disasters

Molly Knefel offers her take on why natural disasters are also political disasters, explaining that, while many politicians speak out during these times and call for unity, politics have led to… | watch

8/25/17 // Ep 20 // After Charlottesville / ‘Logan Lucky’

Rena Karefa-Johnson & Matt Ruby on Charlottesville aftermath; Jackie Soller on ‘Logan Lucky,’ directed by Steven Soderbergh; sneak peek of Amy O’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

8/17/17 // Molly Knefel // The True Face of White Supremacy

Molly Knefel challenges a widely accepted falsehood that Donald Trump was elected by poor and lower middle-class white people lacking education, and that those are the people responsible for spreading… | watch

8/14/17 // Sapna Cheryan on Associations of Americanness

Sapna Cheryan joins the show to discuss her recent study that found Asian Americans who are heavier are perceived to be more American, the impact of her research in our current social climate, and much more. | listen

8/11/17 // Ep 18 // Anti-Choice Democrats / DOJ vs. Affirmative Action / ‘Good Time’

Rena Karefa-Johnson on anti-choice Dem candidates and DOJ targeting affirmative action; Jacqueline Soller on ‘Good Time’ starring Robert Pattinson; John Knefel on white resentment in the White House; sneak peak of Re-TROS BTR Live Studio session. | listen

8/10/17 // John Knefel // White Resentment In The White House

John Knefel offers insight on recent policies from the White House that indicate the administration is promoting politics of white resentment in an effort to appeal to President Trump’s base. These… | watch

7/4/17 // Thalia Gonzalez on "Girlhood Interrupted"

Thalia Gonzalez joins the show to discuss the groundbreaking new study "Girlhood Interrupted," how perceptions of black girls differ starkly from those of their white peers, and how this problem can be acknowledged and solved. | listen

4/20/17 // Molly Knefel on Tax Day Protests

Molly Knefel -- one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch -- offers her take on the protests and counter-protests that happened last weekend for… | watch

11/24/16 // Faking the Black

Rachel Dolezal’s introduction of “trans-racialism” to society could serve as a new remedy for America’s racial ails. | read

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