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9/25/17 // Listener Mail Catch Up

John is in the studio to talk Tom Price and his private planes, Success Academy claims that it’s not subject to Freedom of Information Law requests, and catching up on a whole lot of listener… | listen

9/15/17 // Mike Ludwig on the New Orleans Charter Sector

Mike Ludwig joins us to talk about his story on how the New Orleans charter system impacts poor residents. Also, the White House suggests that a black ESPN commenter should be fired for criticizing… | listen

8/22/17 // How Protests in NYC Changed Ed Reform

John and Molly take a close look at the way the momentum behind education reform in New York City has changed since 2014. Success Academy Harlem Photo by Jim Henderson courtesy of Wikimedia… | listen

6/5/17 // Trump withdraws from Paris Climate Accord

John’s in the studio to talk about the broader implications of Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, plus red-baiting in Brooklyn schools, and listener mail. People's Climate… | listen

4/13/17 // Molly Knefel on Betsy DeVos and Public Education

Molly Knefel -- one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch -- takes a closer look at Betsy DeVos and the stances she’s begun to unveil in the… | watch

4/3/17 // Britney Summit-Gil on the Alt Right Online

Britney Summit-Gil on the ways the right wing use online spaces, Betsy DeVos wants schools to be like Uber, Flynn says he will testify in exchange for immunity, and listener mail. Britney… | listen

9/1/16 // Resistance to charter schools grows

The growing resistance to charter schools and the ed reform movement, and that awful article about how to talk to women with headphones on.   | listen

5/19/16 // Racism at elite public schools

A new article examines racism in elite public schools, re-examining the American airstrike on the MSF hospital in Afghanistan, and listener mail. | listen

5/4/16 // Detroit Teachers Protest Bad Working Conditions

Detroit teachers continue to protest bad school conditions, Judge Scheindlin retires, and protesters storm the Green Zone in Baghdad. | listen

1/25/16 // BdB wants more money for public schools

De Blasio wants to invest more money in New York City public schools, catching up on Guantanamo updates, and listener mail. | listen

7/7/15 // Greece says no to continuing austerity

Greek voters reject austerity in weekend referendum, the ed reform origins of stressing grit and perseverance in classrooms, and Maria from Sesame Street leaves the show. | listen

1/27/15 // How to Fix America's Broken Juvenile Justice System

How to fix America's broken juvenile justice system, plus more thoughts on what the Sheldon Silver arrest means for New York's public schools. | listen

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