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8/2/17 // Tim McGuine on Sports Injuries

Tim McGuine joins the show to discuss his recent study about the prevalence of lower extremity injuries among young athletes who specialize in a single sport. | listen

7/18/17 // Dr. Stanton Glantz, Part II: Rated R for Smoking

Joe continues his conversation with Dr. Stanton Glantz about the importance of making smoking restricted content in movies, and why arguments of artistic integrity don't exactly hold up. | listen

5/10/17 // Andrew Lakoff on Trust & Information

Andrew Lakoff joins the show to talk about why some people don't vaccinate their children, the idea of collective responsibility, achieving greater trust in authority, and more. | listen

3/20/17 // Is Public Health in Danger Under Trump?

The Office of Management and Budget literally advocates for starving the poor, John tells us about efforts to combat pandemics and what could happen to that funding under Trump, and catching up on… | listen

2/19/16 // Fighting For Public Awareness

We learn about the grass-roots efforts ongoing to fight big soda companies and the importance of public awareness in this battle. | listen

2/17/16 // Big Soda aka Big Tobacco

Marion Nestle lays out how big soda companies are similar to the big tobacco companies in manipulating information for sales. | listen

1/29/16 // Bringing Down Big Soda

Dr. Marion Nestle, a public health advocate and expert on food and nutrition policy, aims to hold soda accountable for its unhealthy role in our lives. | read

11/23/15 // Activism without Polarization

We speak with Austin Young, cofounder of Fallen Fruit, an art collaboration bringing people together with fresh fruit. | listen

11/20/15 // The Increase In Obesity Prevalence

Cynthia Ogden, epidemiologist and expert in obesity, discusses results from a study on the prevalence of obesity in adults and youth from 2011 to 2014. | listen

11/18/15 // Trends in Adolencent Obesity

Everything from advertisement to undisclosed sugar additives in food are some of the leading causes of the childhood obesity epidemic in America. | listen

11/16/15 // How Advertising Impacts Childhood Obesity

Professor of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public health discusses corporate advertising and the strategies used to influence the food choices of American children. | listen

10/12/15 // Ms. John Soda & Introverted Dancefloor

New music from Ms. John Soda, Introverted Dancefloor, Strange Talk, and Small Black. | listen

10/5/15 // The Dap Kings & Thee Oh Sees

This spooky mix from DJ Wynn features booming thunderclaps from The Dap Kings, Viet Cong with the stench of Death, Land Lines tearing you asunder, and Thee Oh Sees with big bad intentions. | listen

8/17/15 // Coca-Cola Funds Scientists

We speak with Marion Nestle, expert nutritionist at NYU, on Coca-Cola funding scientists to shift the blame for obesity away from sugary drinks. | listen

10/17/13 // Pesticides in Paradise

Biotech companies are mixing pesticides and GMOs beyond regulations from Europe to Kauai, Hawaii. | read

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