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9/11/17 // Todd McElroy on Laziness & Intelligence

Todd McElroy joins the show to discuss his study exploring the correlation between thinking and physical activity. | listen

8/22/17 // Angela Coppola on Self Compassion

Angela Coppola joins the show to discuss her upcoming study linking self compassion and positive body image to certain health behaviors. | listen

8/17/17 // Mario Weick on Intuition

Mario Weick joins the show to discuss his recent study on self-perceived intuition. | listen

8/14/17 // Sapna Cheryan on Associations of Americanness

Sapna Cheryan joins the show to discuss her recent study that found Asian Americans who are heavier are perceived to be more American, the impact of her research in our current social climate, and much more. | listen

8/8/17 // Jason Moser on Controlling Stress in Third Person

Jason Moser joins the show to discuss his recent study that found referring to yourself in the third person can help control stressful emotions. | listen

7/7/17 // Weekly Rundown: Too Much Information

Joe discusses CNN's reaction to Trump's wrestling gif tweet, the glut of information available nowadays, and why we as individuals are responsible for cutting through it. | listen

7/6/17 // Dr. Patricia Conrod on Adolescent Marijuana Use

Dr. Patricia Conrod joins the show to discuss her recent study exploring the link between marijuana use and psychotic-like experiences in adolescents. | listen

5/26/17 // Rachel Winograd on Drunk Personality Perception

Dr. Rachel Winograd joins the show to discuss her recent study about self observed perceptions of our drunk personalities, and how we can better understand our drunken selves. | listen

5/22/17 // Jordan Grafman on Fundamentalism

Jordan Grafman joins the show to discuss his recent study in Neuropsychologia exploring the biological reasons for religious fundamentalism and other deeply held beliefs. | listen

5/16/17 // Mark White, Part II: Conscious Prejudice

Mark White discusses how investigations like his could make us more conscious of our prejudices and defenses for them,. | listen

5/15/17 // Mark White, Part I: Justifying Prejudice

Mark White discusses his recent study about justifying racial prejudices with the "free speech" defense, and how people tend to shape overarching principles like freedom of speech to their preexisting worldview. | listen

4/29/17 // The Art of Synesthesia

Synesthesia is when one relates a color to other sensations. So, some can see the color read when the see the number 4, etc. BTRtoday wants to know how this work in the art world? | read

4/11/17 // Kirby Farrell, Part II: Mainstreaming Conspiracy

Kirby Farrell discusses the conditions under which conspiracy theories can become mainstream, when too much conspiratorial thinking can become problematic, and more. | listen

4/10/17 // Kirby Farrell, Part I: Conspiracy Theories

Dr. Kirby Farrell joins the show to discuss the psychological attraction to conspiracy theories, using conspiracy as a coping mechanism, the comfort of believing in higher powers, and more. | listen

3/23/17 // Dr. Brian Primack on Balancing Social Media Benefits

We continue our conversation with Dr. Brian Primack, who discusses the time it will take to strike the balance between the benefits and detractions of social media, as well as establishing the directionality of future research. | listen

3/22/17 // Dr. Brian Primack on Social Media & Isolation

Dr. Brian Primack joins Joe and Zach to discuss his study on the correlation between social media usage and social isolation among young adults. | listen

2/9/17 // The Psychology Behind Your Mess: Why Creative Geniuses Often Flourish in Clutter

Numerous studies this year have provided solid psychological evidence that messiness, rather than being symptomatic of poor standards or effort, may actually provoke creativity. | read

1/31/17 // Measuring Violence

Dr. Darcia Narvaez offers a counter to the idea that contemporary humanity is less violent than its ancestors. | listen

1/30/17 // Dr. Darcia Narvaez

Dr. Darcia Narvaez joins the show to discuss the impact of early childhood development and how contemporary parenting practices have normalized "species atypicality." | listen

12/26/16 // The Future of Waterboarding

John on the future of waterboarding and listener mail on social psychology in the age of Trump. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons | listen

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