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3/17/17 // Is the Beauty Industry a Beast on Every Woman’s Back?

Ultimately, the responsibility to transform the beauty culture from toxic to celebratory rests in the hands of the oppressed population themselves: Women must have the strength to value themselves and each other for their more meaningful and sustainable qualities in order to shake off the burden of… | read

6/13/15 // On Media and Body Shaming

This week on The Hash, Molly and Dane begin by discussing tests for female representation in media. The tests were designed to apply to movies, but Molly and Dane analyze how they apply to books as well. Then, the two hone in on plastic surgery for men in response to an AskMen piece. The show wraps… | listen

4/28/14 // Beard Transplants

This week on BreakThruTV, Sarah Fraser sits down with Dr. Yael Halaas to talk about the rising trend in beard transplants. The cosmetic surgery, which ranges from $3,000 - $7,500, is popular among men who want to fill in their patchy facial hair or are unable to grow a beard altogether. Dr. Halaas… | watch

7/20/13 // An Assessment of Aesthetic Augmentation - Aesthetics Week

The hard numbers behind the growing demand for plastic surgeries in the last 13 years. | read

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