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7/18/17 // Danilda Izquierdo

Danilda Izquierdo is a New York-based photographer and artist who explores ideas related to social perception and feminity. Danilda received a Bachelor’s Degree in International Marketing from… | listen

7/11/17 // Ventiko

Ventiko is a conceptual artist who constructs photographic narratives and public interventions that speak to the idea of performed identity. Venitko’s works have been exhibited and experienced… | listen

7/5/17 // Ashley // Inspired By A Breakup

In this episode, Ashley recounts her experience of moving to New York City and getting involved in a serious relationship very quickly -- maybe too quickly? She also shares what she learned from that… | watch

6/18/17 // Remembering Dad

For Father's Day, we present stories of four fathers along with pictures and memories of the children they left behind. | read

6/13/17 // Nick Mehedin

Nick Mehedin is a New York based photographer whose work explores ideas of home, patriotism, travel, space and labor. Nick received his BFA in photography from the State University of New York at New… | listen

6/6/17 // Rachael Dunville

Rachael Dunville is a Missouri-based fine art photographer whose work explores the photographic encounter as a serious, seductive, and often complicated human exchange. Rachael received her BFA from… | listen

5/23/17 // Karen Ostrom

Karen is a recipient of the Instituto Sacatar Fellowship (Brazil), the MacDowell Colony Artist Fellowship, Canada Council for the Arts Grants, the Duke and Duchess of York Prize in Photography from… | listen

5/16/17 // Daniel Cooney

Daniel Cooney, founder of Daniel Cooney Fine Art, is a gallerist, curator and auction specialist. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz and a… | listen

4/21/17 // Ep 2 // Ivanka & Jared, the End of ‘Girls,’ and ‘Your Name.’

This week, we welcome back contributors Oriana Leckert and Matt Ruby to discuss the once again supposedly on the rise power couple of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as well as the end of Lena… | listen

4/20/17 // Museum of Sex

Today we’re talking with Lissa Rivera and Trey Tyler about their work at the Museum of Sex here in New York. Lissa is a photographer and associate curator and Trey is the senior designer. We're… | listen

4/11/17 // Non-Punk Pittsburgh

This past Friday, April 7, The Cultural Trust put on a show in downtown Pittsburgh, at Space Gallery, that was entitled “Non-Punk Pittsburgh.” Why call it “Non-Punk” when it was all about punk? Well, curator and punk rock pioneer Dennis Childers (Carsickness drummer), explains, “it… | read

4/8/17 // Modern Photography Complicates Identity and Truth

A photograph is seen as a credible communication tool, but as more people have access to cameras and identity is increasingly shaped through photographic communications, photography as a source for truth is becoming increasingly suspect. | read

4/5/17 // Builder // Expressing Himself Through Photography

In this episode, Builder shares what drew him to photography as an artistic medium for his own self-expression. He also describes some of the projects he has worked on, including his most recent,… | watch

4/3/17 // Spring Break in California

This spring break I did a road trip down the coast of California with my Mamiya RZ67, a medium format film camera that was given to me by my dad this past February. | read

2/28/17 // Anthony Friedkin

Anthony Friedkin (born 1949) is an American photographer whose works have chronicled California's landscapes, cities and people. His topics include phenomena such as surf culture, prisons, cinema,… | listen

1/31/17 // Arlene Rush

Arlene Rush is a New York based conceptual artist whose diverse work deals with issues of gender, identity, and socio economic issues and politics. Her work asks viewers to look at the balance and… | listen

1/17/17 // Cindy Hinant

Cindy Hinant is a New York based artist who utilizes video, audio, internet and digital technologies, as well as performance and traditional art mediums in works that reflect on popular… | listen

11/15/16 // Elisabeth Smolarz

Elisabeth Smolarz (b. 1976) is a New York-based artist from Poland. Smolarz is a visual artist who often asks strangers to become participants and collaborators in her projects in order to expose… | listen

11/13/16 // Build A Boyfriend: Q&A with Mary Stephenson

London-based artist Mary Stephenson creates life-like props for her art pieces. Her work displays themes of delusion, parody, and make-believe, and explores why daydreams are sometimes better than reality. | read

11/1/16 // Dana Schmerzler

| listen

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