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6/21/17 // Here Comes Iron Stache

A Wisconsin steelworker is challenging Paul Ryan's Congressional seat. And he seems like the coolest normal guy in America. | read

6/19/17 // Pence Lawyers Up

John is in the studio to talk about the latest drama in the White House and Trump’s deflection on Afghanistan. Photo by Brandon Butterworth courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | listen

6/12/17 // Melissa Sage Dumont on Developmental Psych and Gender

Melissa Dumont joins us to discuss developmental psychology, gender and sexuality, and intelligence. Also, John checks in on the Comey hearing, and Labour has historic gains in the British… | listen

5/26/17 // Melissa Gira Grant on Ivanka’s human trafficking project

It’s MGG Thursdays, this week on Friday, and Melissa Gira Grant joins us to talk about Ivanka Trump’s new human trafficking project, the Montana body slam, and Melania’s hand slaps. Also, John… | listen

5/12/17 // Jesse Myerson on Communities and Protest

It’s JAMJAM Fridays, and Jesse Myerson is here to check in with Molly on protests in Harlem, Iowa, and the connections in between. Also, John on the continued Comey fallout. | listen

5/11/17 // Melissa Gira Grant On Language Around Trump

It’s MGG Thursdays, and Melissa Gira Grant is here to push back on the language of abuse to describe Trump’s politics. Also, John on the Comey bombshell. Photo credit: Twitter… | listen

5/4/17 // Melissa Gira Grant on May Day

It’s MGG Thursdays, and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk May Day, that feel-good Heineken ad, and David Brooks’ wedding registry. Also, John on the phone call between Trump and… | listen

4/24/17 // Jake Bolton on the Snap UK Election

Jake Bolton joins us to discuss Theresa May’s call for a snap election in the UK and the broader political context there, John on the looming government shutdown, and David Brooks finds another… | listen

4/12/17 // Mike Ludwig on Jeff Sessions’ Drug War

Truthout’s Mike Ludwig joins us to discuss how Jeff Sessions wants to rewind the drug war back to the 80s, crack down on legalized marijuana, and prevent cannabis as a potential tool in the opioid… | listen

3/28/17 // Paul Ryan’s Failure

John and Molly catch up on the failure of the GOP health care bill, a check in on the story of missing teens in Washington DC, Jared Kushner thinks citizens are customers, and listener… | listen

3/27/17 // Chaos Roundup

John joins us to catch up on the healthcare bill and Nunes going rogue, everything is in chaotic flux, and a giant pile of excellent listener mail. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons | listen

3/18/17 // Op-Ed: Democrats, Republicans, We're All Hypocrites

Hypocrisy has long been part of political perception, but with Republicans fast-tracking healthcare, Democrats pushing Russian conspiracy, and both sides cackling about leaks, how much deeper can we delve into the political slime? | read

3/17/17 // Weekly Rundown: Hypocrites & Tax Returns

Joe discusses the glut of hypocrisy in national politics, our need to reckon with it, and Rachel Maddow's reveal of Donald Trump's 2005 tax forms. | listen

3/15/17 // Steve King’s racist comments, CBO score

The GOP's bad healthcare score, a new education bill initiates a voucher program, and Steve King's very racist comments. Paul Ryan Photo credit: Via Wikimedia | listen

3/14/17 // Trump fires Bharara

Listener thoughts on privatized health insurance, US attorney Preet Bharara is fired by Trump, John finally explains the Wikileaks/CIA story, and some programming news. Photo credit: Wikipedia… | listen

3/13/17 // On Healthcare and Shouting

Thoughts on the students who shouted down Charles Murray, the real story to the Wikileaks CIA release, and Paul Ryan doesn't understand how insurance works. Photo credit: Via Wikimedia | listen

3/10/17 // Weekly Rundown

Joe discusses the conspiracy thinking that has taken over the Trump-Russia issue, and ponders about the future of politics when everyone's hypocrisy can be pulled up instantly. | listen

1/16/17 // Happy Martin Luther King Jr day

Cory Booker faces backlash over prescription drug vote, GOP blocks amendment to protect CHIP, Pompeo wants a holy war, and Happy Martin Luther King Jr day. | listen

1/5/17 // Media Failure As GOP Buckles In Ethics Fiasco

Donald Trump, Trump transition, Congress, GOP, Paul Ryan, listener mail | listen

12/16/16 // Melissa Gira Grant on Women Profiled by the NYPD

Melissa Gira Grant on the anti-loitering law that police use to profile and arrest marginalized women in NYC, Republicans want to repeal and delay the ACA, and listener mail. Photo credit: Melissa… | listen

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