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6/22/17 // Roya’s Record Release Show Was An Unplanned Win For Feminism

There’s no need to focus on how lady-centric these bands are, but you can't deny these gals kick ass. | read

6/22/17 // Week of 06/22/17

Today's show features new music from F.Y.I., Brown Bag Allstars, Koncept, CamelPhat & Elderbrook. | listen

6/21/17 // Episode 17 // The Jaguar Club / Northside Wrap-Up / Pizzafest 4

The Jaguar Club has been a part of the New York music scene off and on for a number of years, but the project is coming to an end and they’re going out on an accomplished note -- with a new EP and a… | listen

6/21/17 // Special MGG Wednesday

Melissa Gira Grant joins us for a special MGG Wednesday, talking ICE in court, healthcare, and more Pride. Also, Morning John checks in. Melissa Gira Grant, via Twitter | listen

6/21/17 // Jeffrey // Jailed in China

In this episode, Jeffrey shares the story of how he was arrested and jailed in China before the 2008 Olympics. He recounts the events leading up to his arrest and the lie he invented during… | watch

6/18/17 // Week of 06/18/17

NYC-based Canadian guitarist Alex Goodman talks about his new album “Second Act”on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus | listen

6/18/17 // Week of 06/18/17

Today features incredible cuts from DJ E-Clyps & Anya V, Ninetoes, Demuir & Eli Escobar. | listen

6/15/17 // Punk is Alive (But a Little Ageist) Backstage at Buzzcocks

Being able to see these three generations of punk rock in one night was refreshing and some could even say, educational. | read

6/15/17 // Week of 06/15/17

Today's show features new music from DJ E-Clyps & Anya V, Lord RAJA, Brown Bag AllStars & more. | listen

6/14/17 // Yvonne // Scary Taxi Encounter in Romania

In this episode, Yvonne recounts the two scariest moments in her life, which both took place while traveling in different countries and how the situations were resolved. She also offers her point of… | watch

6/11/17 // Week of 06/11/17

Check out several brand new albums on The Jazz Hole with Linus today, including Ben Rosenblum, Pete Malinverni and more | listen

6/11/17 // Week of 06/11/17

Today features incredible cuts from Alex Mills, DJ E-Clyps & Anya V, Ninetoes & Rogue D. | listen

6/8/17 // Week of 06/08/17

Today's show features new an Interview and new music from King Shampz. | listen

6/7/17 // Episode 16 // Northside Fest Preview

This episode essentially functions as something of an itinerary for this year’s Northside Festival, offering suggestions of artists you can see each night at various venues around town if you’re… | listen

6/7/17 // Jose // Getting Robbed in Arkansas

In this episode, Jose recounts the time he was robbed in Arkansas while on a trip. He shares what he was feeling in the moment and what he learned from that experience. Music featured in the episode:… | watch

6/4/17 // Week of 06/04/17

Three interview guests on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole with Linus! Trio Shalva, that’s Assaf Gleizner, Koby Hayon & Nadav Snir-Zelniker | listen

6/4/17 // Week of 06/04/17

Today features incredible cuts from Com Truise, DJ E-Clyps & Anya V, Ninetoes & Trackheadz. | listen

6/3/17 // Week of 06/03/17

Brand new music on Garbage Garage today by old favorites !!!, British Sea Power, and new tunes from MacDeMarco! | listen

6/1/17 // Week of 06/01/17

Today's show features new music from DJ E-Clyps & Anya V, Lord RAJA, Com Truise, Baldi & Cherub. | listen

5/31/17 // Bruce //Almost Drowning in Lake Tahoe - 1st Person [ep32]

Bruce reminisces about a childhood trip to Lake Tahoe in which he, his sister and a friend attempted to swim across before realizing it would be impossible. He also shares the thoughts he had after… | watch

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