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3/18/18 // Zénith Twilight City Sound

Get ready for jazz music by Jay Rodriguez, The Heavyweights Brass Band (feat. Marla Dixon), Ariel Pocock and the Rémi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble | listen

3/11/18 // Martin Wind

Interview guest Martin Wind talks about his new album Light Blue - plus new tracks by the Chris Platt Trio and The Heavyweights Brass Band | listen

3/4/18 // Lattice Synthesis Sounds

Justin Gray & Synthesis, Gutfleisch/Schürmann/Frey, James Hall, Jay Rodriguez and the Carn Davidson 9 on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole | listen

2/27/18 // Why New Yorkers Smoke the Most Weed

A new study shows NYC consumes more cannabis than any other city. But when you think about what New Yorkers have to deal with, it’s not surprising. | read

2/25/18 // Jonathan Saraga: Journey to a New World - CD Release

Live music from Jonathan Saraga’s CD release concert back in October at Dazzle in Denver, CO on today’s episode of The Jazz Hole Live | listen

2/18/18 // Sherrie Maricle & The DIVA Jazz Orchestra

Sherrie Maricle, drummer/composer and bandleader of The DIVA Jazz Orchestra is today’s interview guest on The Jazz Hole with Linus | listen

2/11/18 // Harley Card

Today’s episode includes an interview with guitarist and composer Harley Card, plus music by Melissa Stylianou and Lena Bloch | listen

1/28/18 // Ilios Steryannis

Exciting live jazz from Toronto-based drummer and bandleader Ilios Steryannis’ CD release concert recorded live at The Burdock in Toronto. | listen

1/21/18 // Speakeasy and Poetically

Check out music by Philippe Lemm Trio, Svetlana & the Delancey Five, Carn Davidson 9, Sarah Jerrom and Andrew Schiller on today’s Jazz Hole | listen

1/17/18 // Kaitlyn // Reliving Her Most Embarrassing Moment

In this episode, Kaitlyn shares the most embarrassing experience she’s ever had and offers her advice on how to get over feeling embarrassed. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters Music… | watch

1/14/18 // One with Moon Songs

Tracks from Harley Card’s new album, plus Michaël Attias, Ryan Keberle, Camila Meza, Eric Wyatt, Ernesto Cervini and Tatiana Eva-Marie | listen

1/10/18 // Victoria // Wishing For More Personal Connection

In this episode, Victoria shares her opinions about the way people interact today and how communication is affected by social media. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters Music featured in… | watch

1/7/18 // A New Year of The Jazz Hole

New tracks by Ilios Steryannis, plus Uri Gurvich (feat. Bernardo Palombo), Yotam Silberstein, Rebecca Hennessy, Alma Micic, Jamie Reynolds | listen

1/3/18 // Erin // Surprising Her Boyfriend

In this episode, Erin recounts making plans to move from Chicago to Chile as a surprise for her boyfriend. 1st Person is presented by Urban Outfitters Music featured in this episode: "Door" by High… | watch

12/31/17 // Petros Klampanis Duet & Petos Klampanis - Chroma

Greek-born, NYC-based musician Petros Klampanis closes out the year with a musical firework on an all new episode of The Jazz Hole Live | listen

12/24/17 // 2017 - BEST OF

Time for a “Best of 2017” episode of The Jazz Hole with tracks by 10 of the 17 interview guests that Linus welcomed in the year 2017 | listen

12/17/17 // Roni Ben-Hur

NYC-based guitarist, composer and educator Roni Ben-Hur talks “Manhattan Style”, an album by the collective group Our Thing | listen

12/13/17 // David // Remembering His Grandfather

David reminisces about his grandfather, who raised him for most of his life and recently passed away. He shares how his grandfather influenced him and some of the moments which meant the most in their… | watch

12/10/17 // One with Crossroads

New tracks by Nick Maclean Quartet, Teri Parker, Lena Bloch & Feathery - plus Manu Koch & Filtron M and Josh Green & The Cyborg Orchestra | listen

12/3/17 // Teri Parker Quartet

Check out a fantastic live set from Toronto by the Teri Parker Quartet featuring Teri Parker, Allison Au, Mark Godfrey and Mack Longpre | listen

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