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6/22/17 // Roya’s Record Release Show Was An Unplanned Win For Feminism

There’s no need to focus on how lady-centric these bands are, but you can't deny these gals kick ass. | read

6/21/17 // Week of 06/21/17

I've dubbed this week's show "The Flood Warning" playlist. Because it's chill, yet fun | listen

6/19/17 // Brenda

Brenda is punk rock, catchy and absorbing all the greatness that's under-appreciated of their hometown in Louisville, Kentucky. | listen

6/19/17 // Week of 06/19/17

Interviews from Bonnaroo with Twiddle and Lucy Dacus, recorded backstage at the Hay Bale Studio! | listen

6/14/17 // Week of 06/14/17

You just HAVE to listen to this week's playlist 'cause it's filled with amazing musicians, bands and songs. | listen

6/12/17 // L.A. Takedown

This week we start a music-bio book club & chat w/ musical creator of L.A. Takedown, Aaron Olson--plus we listen their most recent album 'II' | listen

6/12/17 // Week of 06/12/17

An Ode To Roo: a 60-minute recap of the annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, as experienced by Laura G. | listen

6/7/17 // Week of 06/07/17

This week I feature all kinds of new stuff that's all amazing and that's what I always do. So, you're welcome for delivering. | listen

6/5/17 // Cold Beat

This week we chat with and listen to the music of synth-rocker, Cold Beat! | listen

6/5/17 // Week of 06/05/17

It’s our annual Road To Roo episode! A playlist of BTR faves performing at Bonnaroo this weekend. | listen

5/31/17 // Week of 05/31/17

This week we start of slow and moody, and gradually build to dancey and moody! | listen

5/29/17 // Cool Ghouls

Don't bee spooked, they're like Casper the cool ghost--Cool Ghouls' tunes are old school, like '60s pop & '70s rock. Check them out here! | listen

5/29/17 // Week of 05/29/17

Festival lineups and news on YarmonyGrass in Rancho Del Rio, CO and Camp Bisco in Scranton, PA. | listen

5/22/17 // Getting Hypnotic With Evolfo

Evolfo's catchy, punk-inflected tunes are ready to put you in a trance. | read

5/22/17 // Evolfo

This week listen to the 7-piece band Evolfo, and chat with the man who brought them altogether, Matthew Gibbs. | listen

5/22/17 // Week of 05/22/17

Bluegrass, jamgrass, and general strings music in the jam band scene is the focus of this week’s episode. | listen

5/17/17 // Week of 05/17/17

We're cool, you're cool. So, listen to these new tracks/ soon-to-be-released tracks. We promise you it'll be a riot of a time. | listen

5/15/17 // Week of 05/15/17

An episode devoted to the feel-good dance party electronic sounds of the jam band scene. | listen

5/10/17 // Week of 05/10/17

It's the rainy season, so it's time to help yourself to a nice big heap of brand new moody tunes! Enjoy (&/or cry, up to you...) | listen

5/8/17 // Side Eye

Check out Side Eye--the Pittsburgh-based band comprised of some badass chicks spitting out your new favorite punk/doo-wop/surf rock inspired tunes. | listen

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