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2/2/18 // Netflix Spotlights a Forgotten Comedy Legend

‘A Futile and Stupid Gesture’ gives us a glimpse at the funniest guy you’ve never heard of. | read

10/30/17 // ‘Stranger Things’ Season Two: Women Killing People Is Straight Awesome

We see too many stories of men violently wronging women. And too often their abuse is explained or absolved by their backstories | read

10/27/17 // Ep 29 // NYC Night Mayor / ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’

Jonah Levy on on the NYC Office of Nightlife and “Night Mayor.” Charles Hinshaw on ‘The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).’ Molly Knefel on the Harvey Weinstein story. Sneak preview of Faith Healer’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

8/19/17 // What's the Future of Streaming Media?

How will we binge on shows in the future? | read

7/7/17 // Why 'Sense8' Actually Sucks For Representation

The latest from the Wachowskis, the sisters behind The Matrix, is not a bastion of racial and sexual diversity despite its reputation. | read

6/26/17 // AfterGLOW: Checking in With The Former Community Cast

In celebration of Alison Brie's new Netflix show GLOW, we look at what the former cast of Community's been up to. | read

5/19/17 // Ep 6 // The Gig Economy, ‘Dear White People,’ and ‘Get Me Roger Stone’

This week, we welcome back contributor Matt Ruby and, for the first time, new contributor Shalewa Sharpe to discuss ongoing issues in the so-called “gig economy” and Netflix’s recently released… | listen

2/25/17 // Black Mirror

We talk about Scorsese's new film to hit Netflix, the Oscars, and review a terrifying episode of the Netflix series "Black Mirror." | listen

2/4/17 // Losing Yourself in a TV Character (Op-Ed)

Many studies have proven that voyeurs who have spent a significant amount of time with a character (whether TV watchers or readers of literature), can actually lose themselves in their character, and that scares me. | read

1/21/17 // How Netflix Killed the Cable Star

Millennials don’t even own TV sets anymore due to the ease and affordability of streaming shows and movies on their computers with popular services like Netflix. Statistically, with every passing year it becomes less and less likely that the premium cable channels that once ruled the world of… | read

1/19/17 // Creating the "Netflix" of Indie Movie Streaming

Carl Colpaert, veteran indie filmmaker and founder of Cineville, is building a “Netflix of indie streaming.” | read

1/7/17 // The OA

We talk about the expansion of mini-series, Mariah Carey's antics explained, what constitutes a feature-length film, and review the Netflix original series "The OA." | listen

11/21/16 // Spoil The Plot, Save The Show

Reading Odyssean levels of meaning into every facial twitch is only possible when you already know the plot and you’ve turn on subtitles. | read

11/13/16 // Week of 11/13/16

In this book, Michael D. Smith and Rahul Telang, experts on entertainment analytics, show how companies like Amazon and Apple are changing the rules in other entertainment industries, notably publishing and music. | listen

3/12/16 // Scotch & Cinema: Virunga

We review the harrowing Netflix original documentary "Virunga." | listen

11/30/15 // Catching up on Listener mail

We spend the hour on listener mail. | listen

11/14/15 // Scotch & Cinema: Beasts of No Nation

We review the super intense new Netflix original war film 'Beasts of No Nation' starring Idris Elba | listen

11/7/15 // Scotch & Cinema: The Gift

We review the highly-acclaimed new thriller 'The Gift' starring Joel Edgerton, Jason Bateman, and Rebecca Hall. | listen

10/31/15 // Scotch & Cinema: Creep

This week we review the Patrick Brice horror film "Creep" just in time for Halloween! | listen

10/17/15 // How BTR Bonds

Bond Week - There are many ways to bond with those around you. Perhaps you share a love of TV or a love of coffee (or maybe a love of both). Here are the many ways in which BTR staffers bond with their friends and family. | read

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