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2/16/17 // John Knefel on Mar-a-Lago As A Spy's Paradise

John Knefel is one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch. Here, in the third episode of the new weekly video spinoff series about politics and… | watch

8/4/16 // Playing Defense In Cyber War

There are more victims to target, there is more data to steal, and there is more money to be made from doing so than ever before. | listen

4/20/16 // Corey D James on Painting Pictures

Corey D James joins us to discuss his new book Painting Pictures: reframing the world of inner city youth, two new reports argue the US should see climate change as a national security threat, and listener mail. | listen

9/9/15 // Petraeus battles ISIS

David Petraeus’s weird, wild plan to defeat ISIS, white people on Trump, the wrong ways that coupled people talk to single people, and listener mail. | listen

3/8/13 // Danger vs. Dignity - Danger Week

A history of civil defense and security in the United States. | read

12/3/12 // Competition with China - Rivalry Week

Tension over trade and the economy snowballs as China's economy outshines that of the United States. | read

10/11/12 // Politicalprof - On Government "Benefits"

Lane Crothers discusses the benefits of living in the United States. | read

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