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10/3/17 // Indie Musicians Covered ‘Linger’ And The Responses Are Harsh And Hilarious

Facebook user Jason Lee probably said it best. “Christ on a crotchrocket, please don’t let that linger any longer.” | read

9/19/17 // Getting Down at Otis Mountain Get Down

You can’t just leave Otis Mountain Get Down without lasting memories--or at least a stick-and-poke tattoo... | read

7/26/17 // The Second Burger Beach Bash Rocked Through the Storm

I made a fashionably late entrance this year. I brought my sunscreen, sunglasses and wore my most summery outfit. But the joke was on me. I avoided sunburn but left the fest drenched and shivering. | read

7/12/17 // Sending It With Stuyedeyed And The Nude Party

The Nude Party put on an epic music festival called 'Send It Week' before moving to NYC. These are the pictures from it--complete with dicks & dildos. | read

6/24/17 // Week of 06/24/17

Digging deep into the Roskilde Festival this weekend in Denmark, check out tracks from Freddie Gibbs, Janka Nabay, and more! | listen

6/17/17 // Week of 06/17/17

Today on Garbage Garage we feature bands playing Firefly Music Fest, plus new tunes from Big Thief, Dot, and Celebration! | listen

6/3/17 // Week of 06/03/17

Brand new music on Garbage Garage today by old favorites !!!, British Sea Power, and new tunes from MacDeMarco! | listen

4/18/17 // Coachella

This weekend we entered into the world of flower crowns and rosé known as Coachella. This year's festival was filled with incredible artists, dope art, and overpriced food. But, as in previous years, did not disappoint. | read

3/24/17 // The Otis Mountain Get Down Team

Otis Mountain Get Down is a three day music festival in the Adirondack Mountains that features up-and-coming bands of all sorts! | read

3/21/17 // Checking out the Pros and Cons of SXSW 2017

The first tour I was on was a mission to Austin to play SXSW. I arrived, I played, and I partied. How will this year's experience differ from the previous? What is to be said about the importance of unofficial shows and the swelling consumerism and sponsorships associated with the official… | read

1/23/17 // Week of 01/23/17

Checking out the new album from Keller Williams’ latest ensemble, KWahtro. “Sync” is out now and we have a 3-track spotlight. | listen

12/26/16 // Week of 12/26/16

Exploring the “best of Jam Session in 2016. It was a year of rad interviews with artists like Lettuce, DJ Logic, and Lotus, killer new music, and epic festival experiences. | listen

10/8/16 // A Salute To CMJ

Is CMJ happening this year or what? Either way, today we celebrate it on Garbage Garage! | listen

5/15/16 // The Dark Story of Randall's Island

The popular music festival spot, Randall’s Island, has no Woodstock story! It used to be known as “the island of the undesirables.” BTRtoday dives into its history. | read

6/25/15 // Surviving Festival Season

Fan Week - Festivals are fabulous. You get to enjoy the outdoors, try new foods, immerse yourself in a sea of eclectic individuals, and of course, listen to live music. BTR rounds up all the handy tips you need to make it through the sea of flower crowns in one piece. | read

6/20/15 // Week of 06/20/15

The Party Hour goes FireFly this weekend with a playlist packed with several artist performing at this summers music festival. Also another annual festival turns 21 this year, the Vans Warped Tour, the countries longest running summer music festival kicks off this weekend as well. So we have a block… | listen

10/23/14 // CMJ 2014: Texas is Funny

BTR's Matt Lehtola gives us the lowdown on CMJ 2014. | read

8/1/13 // Opinion: The Warped Tour Generation - Touring Week

Either you were that kid, knew that kid, or hated that kid who obsessed over the touring pop punk extravaganza in high school, but do the haters today have a point? | read

6/18/13 // The People Watching Phenomenon That Is Music Festivals - We're Watching You Week

What do people see you doing at music festivals? | read

3/28/12 // “A Year Of Mirth” by Ava Luna at SXSW

Ava Luna is a unique seven-piece from Brooklyn, whose music has been compared to the Dirty Projectors and TV On The Radio. Their songs — featuring elements of pop, R&B, and post-punk — are an impressive musical collage: soulful crooning and 60s girl-group harmonies interspersed between funky… | watch

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