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3/17/17 // Is the Beauty Industry a Beast on Every Woman’s Back?

Ultimately, the responsibility to transform the beauty culture from toxic to celebratory rests in the hands of the oppressed population themselves: Women must have the strength to value themselves and each other for their more meaningful and sustainable qualities in order to shake off the burden of… | read

10/23/16 // Art Augmented: A Conversation with Ben Logan

Ben Logan is the marketing coordinator for KeyARt, an augmented reality app which allows users to interact with artwork in a whole new way. | read

10/20/16 // Listen Week

For today’s podcast we’ll talk with Ben Logan, marketing coordinator for KeyARt, which just launched in New York. | listen

5/28/15 // Take a Vacay Any Day

Vacation Week - We long to get away from our confining routines. Instead of sulking about feeling trapped, we should instead try to find ways to take mini-vacations in the places we live. | read

5/19/15 // Exhibit Review: Remembering Warhol

MoMA’s latest exhibit showcases the iconic artist’s work from ballpoint pen drawings to pop art prints. Assorted renditions of Andy Warhol's soup cans, fun shoes, and popular portraits are displayed. | read

3/26/15 // ‘Bjork’ at the MoMA

A compilation of visuals, sounds, costumes, and instruments showcasing the artist’s multifaceted career. | read

2/17/15 // No Pod, Now No Stick

NYC Museums ban the selfie stick, a new rule for a new device. | read

8/20/13 // Art Uncovered - Soundings

This week on Art Uncovered, we get a tour of the new MoMA exhibition, Soundings: A Contemporary Score, from curator Barbara London. The show features 16 sound artists from around the world. Next, we hear from Bill Fontana, one of the pioneering sound artists working today. Bill studied with John… | listen

7/12/13 // The Courtyard at MoMA PS1 - PHOTOBLOG

Two new outdoor exhibits at MoMA fuse form and function. | read

6/12/12 // Art Uncovered - Portrait of Wally

This week on Art Uncovered I'm joined by Andrew Shea. He's the director of a new film called POW: Portrait of Wally. The film tells the story of one family's efforts to recover a 1912 work by Egon Schiele, Portrait of Wally, that was stolen by the Nazis during World War II | listen

3/27/12 // Art Uncovered -- Rachael Morrison

This week on Art Uncovered, artist and curator Rachael Morrison. Rachael works as a librarian at the Museum of Modern Art, and right now she's got two ongoing projects that draw from the Museum's collection. The first is an exhibition called Millennium Magazines that looks at the ways artists and… | listen

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