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5/25/17 // Week of 05/25/17

Pre Memorial Day Weekend tunes from Dubmatix, The Slackers, Asian Dub Foundation and more! | listen

10/25/16 // Daisy Patton

| listen

9/22/16 // Moments To Forget

Is there a memory that you wish you could erase forever? For "Forgotten Week” at BTRtoday, Zach Schepis and Anna Bashkova ask strangers in New York City about the things in life that they wish they… | watch

9/20/16 // Music Revives Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s makes it difficult to remember things like names, places, and loved ones, but for some reason music can be a cure! BTRtoday speaks with Ruth Drew of the Alzheimer’s Association to find out why. | read

8/31/16 // How Nostalgia Affects Your Brain

We all have our stoic nostalgic days. When it’s rainy and grey, you may think you’re being depressive, but it’s actually healthy for the brain. BTRtoday talks to neuroscientists on the matter! | read

2/2/16 // Can Our Memories Make Us Sick?

A look into the research by Dr. Esther Sternberg that rectifies the inextricable relationship between memories and our immune system. | read

8/11/15 // Sarah Rothberg

This week on Art Uncovered I talk with artist Sarah Rothberg. Her virtual reality installation Memory/Place: My House is part of the exhibition Memory Burn, on view now at Bitforms Gallery in New York. | listen

7/26/15 // Science Studies Deja Vu

Roots Week - While there is still no proven theory to explain exactly why deja vu occurs in epileptics or healthy people, scientists have pinpointed the temporal lobe of the brain as the seat where it occurs. However, there is also a persistent version of deja vu when people aren’t aware that… | read

11/12/14 // Memory Block

Obstacle Week - Is social media an obstacle to memory? | read

4/21/13 // Mysteries of Memory - What Happened Week

Remembering what happened isn't always easy, but President Obama is making a $100 million bet we can change that. | read

1/27/13 // Smell and Memories - Sense Week

How scents can trigger strong memories and how our knowledge between smell and memory is growing. | read

8/18/12 // Transcending Amnesia Through Music- Sound Week

How music affects the memory. | read

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