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6/22/17 // Week of 06/22/17

Today's show features new music from F.Y.I., Brown Bag Allstars, Koncept, CamelPhat & Elderbrook. | listen

6/13/17 // Why Are We Surprised Megyn Kelly Interviewed Alex Jones?

The Fox News superstar has moved to NBC but she’s intent on showing she’s still a conservative lunatic. | read

1/16/17 // Twitter Should Ban President-elect Donald Trump

Twitter should ban President-elect Trump’s official account on the basis of their own rules against hate speech and threats. Doing so would demonstrate that Twitter takes hate speech seriously, especially when coming from the President of the United States. | read

1/9/17 // Megyn Kelly on NBC is a Chilling Thought for Feminists

Her move to NBC will solidify the exception that we make for her bigotry because of her silky tresses and the fact that she is a powerful woman sitting amongst powerful men. | read

8/20/15 // Parker Molloy on Caitlyn Jenner

Parker Marie Molloy on Caitlyn Jenner, inclusive language around reproductive rights, and what happened with the journalist who wrote the disturbing Dr. V story. Also, a super belated venting about Trump, and listener mail. | listen

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