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5/8/17 // Week of 05/08/17

An episode devoted to the reggae and funk superstars of the jam band scene. | listen

4/20/17 // Week of 04/20/17

Happy 4/20! 60 min of Ganja tunes to celebrate on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour | listen

4/12/17 // Mike Ludwig on Jeff Sessions’ Drug War

Truthout’s Mike Ludwig joins us to discuss how Jeff Sessions wants to rewind the drug war back to the 80s, crack down on legalized marijuana, and prevent cannabis as a potential tool in the opioid… | listen

3/18/17 // Goodwill Employees Find a Bunch of Weed

Ever forget you had four pounds of weed and accidentally donate it to Goodwill? Well, somebody did. | read

1/23/17 // Week of 01/23/17

Checking out the new album from Keller Williams’ latest ensemble, KWahtro. “Sync” is out now and we have a 3-track spotlight. | listen

12/17/16 // Old Folks Love Getting High

As it turns out, old folks love getting high just as much as the young bucks. Or perhaps even more so… | read

11/15/16 // Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Debut Cooking Show

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg team up for the weirdest, highest, yummiest show on television. | read

10/7/16 // Overturning Public Opinion

We conclude our conversation with Scott Chipman, who talks about the difficult task of overturning public opinion increasingly favoring marijuana legalization. | listen

10/6/16 // Social Cost of Marijuana Use

Scott Chipman is back to discuss the social cost of marijuana use, and weighs the comparison between the marijuana and alcohol industries. | listen

10/6/16 // Blunt Week

For today’s podcast we’ll talk bluntly with Scott Chipman. He's the founder of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana (CALM). | listen

10/5/16 // Citizens Against the Legalization of Marijuana

Scott Chipman, co-founder of Citizens Against the Legalization of Marijuana (CALM) joins the show to discuss his organization's positions and the danger of marijuana. | listen

10/4/16 // Opening Up Marijuana Research

We continue our conversation with Morgan Fox about the impact of the DEA's decision not to reschedule marijuana from its Schedule I status. | listen

10/4/16 // Rihanna Can Smoke a Blunt, Why Can’t You?

BTRtoday talks to major marijuana advocacy groups to find out why the rich and famous are finding their ways around marijuana laws. | read

10/3/16 // Fighting for Marijuana Legalization

Morgan Fox of the MPP joins the show to talk about the importance of medical access to marijuana, its overall legal status in the United States, and provides an update on fully legalized states Colorado and Washington. | listen

9/8/16 // Public Marijuana Use

Should you be able to smoke marijuana in public if you really want to? For "Light Week" at BTRtoday,  Zach Schepis and Anna Bashkova ask strangers in New York City how they feel about lighting up out… | watch

8/28/16 // Why Kids Might Love Weed Candy

Do you love marijuana edibles? Well, you might just be a kid at heart! | read

8/14/16 // Should We Make All Drugs Legal?

In 2001, Portugal decriminalized all drugs within its borders. Since then, the country has witnessed a reduction in drug use, addiction, HIV infection, and prison overcrowding. Could such a radically unfamiliar policy hold water in America? | read

8/6/16 // Harry Potter (& The Stoned Sorcerer)

In honor of Harry's birthday and JK Rowling's new play book thing, we're doing a throwback and reviewing the first "Harry Potter" film. | listen

7/30/16 // Almost Famous

We talk about the gender image of women in Hollywood, robots making horror movies, and review "Almost Famous" for our monthly segment of "Becc to the Future." | listen

7/27/16 // Hemp Equals the Future

With hemp's mind-blowing variety of applications, it begs the question: why is it illegal, and why can’t we grow it? | read

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