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1/5/17 // Lucid Dreaming and Fear

For today’s podcast we’ll connect with Susana Martinez-Conde, a neuroscientist and science writer and David Altheide, who has been tracing the development of this fear since its indoctrination into our country’s media over four decades ago. | listen

3/6/16 // The Lucid Dreaming Experiment

I took lucid dreaming pills every night for 10 days to see what would happen. | read

3/4/16 // Oneironautics Guide

We speak with the founder and leader of the Oneironauticum, an international dream group that explores the use of oneirogens that promote vivid dreaming. | listen

3/3/16 // Engaging With Consciousness

We learn how dreamwork in a workshop program can have practical applications to your waking life. | listen

3/3/16 // Dream Week

We learn about the creative human process of dreaming by speaking with neuroscientists and dreamwork teachers. | listen

2/29/16 // Unconscious Creativity

We speak with Jennifer Dumpert, writer, lecturer, and workshop leader who teaches experience-based forms of dreamwork to promote creativity. | listen

2/29/16 // Hack Your Dreams

Jennifer Dumpert is a writer, lecturer, and workshop leader who teaches an experience-based form of dream work that promotes exploration of consciousness and subconscious boundaries. She shares some of her projects with BTR, including mapping cities as dreamscapes and ingesting dream-stimulating… | read

10/4/13 // The Conscious-Unconscious: A Guide to Lucid Dreaming and Beyond - Sleep Week

A journey into the world of lucid dreaming and how it can come to affect our bodies, minds, and creativity. | read

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