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7/20/17 // Week of 07/20/17

"Baja Norte" gives you a taste of the diverse flavor of Sure Fire Soul Ensemble. Latin rhythms, wah-wah guitar, sax, drum, bass & organ! | listen

7/16/17 // Week of 07/16/17

Today features new tracks from &ME, Demuir & CamelPhat. | listen

7/13/17 // Week of 07/13/17

Matuki’s album ‘Injo’ is composed of 8 original tracks. The album features Afro-groove/urban funk with a psychedelic edge! | listen

7/9/17 // Week of 07/09/17

Today features incredible cuts from Lord RAJA, Illyus & Barrientos & Dusky. | listen

7/6/17 // Week of 07/06/17

‘Noom’ is a unique groove & power shock that results from the clash between the rumble of a military band and an Afrobeat ensemble! | listen

7/2/17 // Week of 07/02/17

Today features incredible cuts from Lord RAJA, Illyus & Barrientos & Com Truise. | listen

6/29/17 // Week of 06/29/17

Let’s open the show with an unexpected Nu-skool Brazilika-brukbeat remix from Positive Flow of the Bahama Soul Club’s track ‘Elegguà’! | listen

6/25/17 // Week of 06/25/17

Today features incredible cuts from Camelphat & Elderbrook, Waze & Odyssey & Ninetones. | listen

6/22/17 // Week of 06/22/17

Pasteur Lappe became a charming star in Cameroon at just 19 years old. He became friends with stars such as Fela Kuti, Tala AM, J Moboule! | listen

6/20/17 // Terror Against Muslims

Attacks on Muslims in the US and the UK, a check in on the status of the AHCA in the Senate, and listener mail catch up.       Philando Castile Protest Photo by Fibonacci Blue courtesy of… | listen

6/18/17 // Week of 06/18/17

Today features incredible cuts from DJ E-Clyps & Anya V, Ninetoes, Demuir & Eli Escobar. | listen

6/16/17 // Jesse Myerson on Narrative After the Virginia Shooting

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here to talk about the aftermath of the shooting in Virginia, the UK election, and the apartment fire in London. Also, John on the Washington Post report… | listen

6/15/17 // Week of 06/15/17

For a band w/ no lead singer, Big Mean Sound Machine has character in spades. They're a polyrhythmic monster w/ a crisp, unrelenting groove! | listen

6/11/17 // Week of 06/11/17

Today features incredible cuts from Alex Mills, DJ E-Clyps & Anya V, Ninetoes & Rogue D. | listen

6/8/17 // Week of 06/08/17

“The Havana Remixes” by the Bahama Soul Club reveals their finest moments rebooted into pure rhythmic bliss! It’s a truly bright collection! | listen

6/6/17 // Bill Maher is the Absolute Worst

Trump attacks London’s Muslim mayor in the wake of new terrorist attacks there, Bill Maher continues to be a racist, John on the torture report, and listener mail.     Photo… | listen

6/5/17 // Weekend Rundown: Trump on Terror

Joe discusses President Trump's reactions to the weekend's terror attack in London and how we might think about treating his Twitter feed going forward. | listen

6/4/17 // Week of 06/04/17

Today features incredible cuts from Com Truise, DJ E-Clyps & Anya V, Ninetoes & Trackheadz. | listen

6/1/17 // Week of 06/01/17

‘Dey Suffer’ describes the emigration out of Africa which has created a brain drain, with qualified people leaving for wealthier pastures. | listen

5/28/17 // Week of 05/28/17

Today features incredible cuts from Com Truise, DJ E-Clyps & Anya V, Marie Joly & Black Coffee and Ralphi Rosario. | listen

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