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5/3/17 // Trump: Revolutionary War “Could Have Been Avoided”

In an attempt to backtrack controversial comments he made abou the Civil War earlier in the week, President Donald Trump was quoted Wednesday saying the American Revolution “also probably could've been avoided.” | read

4/26/17 // Mug Enjoying New Life as Desk Pen Holder

It thought beverages would fill its life with meaning, but writing utensils work just as well. | read

4/19/17 // Man Reluctantly Subscribes to Roommate's Podcast

He subscribed despite the fact that it would completely clog up his feed and likely sap the last of his phone's remaining storage. | read

12/6/15 // Emojis Outlive "Fad" Reputation

The adorable pictographs are no longer just an afterthought designed to spruce up our texts. | read

8/20/15 // Discussing E-Laughter

A new Facebook study has found that found emoji, "haha," and "hehe" have surpassed "lol" in usage. The Hash's Molly Freeman and Dane Feldman weigh in on how they laugh online. | read

8/15/15 // Breakups, Type A-, and Haha vs. Lol

This week on The Hash, hosts Molly and Dane discuss the ways in which men and women respond to breakups. They also take a look at Type A- vs. Type A and how people convey laughter on social media. | listen

1/29/13 // Nights Of Our Lives

It's Scariest Stories with Adam Newman, Adam Wade, and Anthony Atamanuik, hosted by David Martin. | listen

11/27/12 // Nights Of Our Lives

Join Michelle Markowitz, Anthony Atamanuik, and David Martin for some spooky storm-themed stories! | listen

10/30/12 // Nights Of Our Lives

The best of the best comedians and writers in New York  get together at the end of every month to share their wild and crazy stories, hosted by David Martin. This month's theme: SCHOOL… | listen

9/25/12 // Nights Of Our Lives

Love, Lust, and Heartbreak with Halle Kiefer, Adam Wade, John Flynn, and Anthony Atamanuik. | listen

9/4/12 // How to Be a Freegan in Three Easy Steps - Free Week

Three easy steps to get you on your way to becoming a contributing member to the Freegan society! | read

8/28/12 // Nights Of Our Lives

What Virginity means to Christian Capozzoli, Melanie Hamlett, Jon Gabrus, and Adam Wade. | listen

4/24/12 // Nights Of Our Lives

Nights of Our Lives got mainstream press coverage! Check out the NY Times piece on the comedic art of storytelling. | listen

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