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11/29/17 // Live Reggae Celebration!

New, old, dub, roots - it doesn't matter! When it comes to reggae, go see it live!!!!!! Here are some live reggae tracks to help you fall in love with the genre again! | listen

11/20/17 // Pimpin’ The Emerald Cup

The Pimps of Joytime join the Roots at this year’s Emerald Cup, December 9-10 in Sonoma County, California | listen

7/15/17 // Week of 07/15/17

On today’s Garbage Garage we’ve got bands playing live in NYC, plus new tracks from new favorites Shannen Moser and Hollow Everdaze! | listen

6/26/17 // Week of 06/26/17

3-track spotlight on the new album from Fractal Cat, “The Tower,” plus news on Conscious Alliance’s Art That Feeds summer food drive. | listen

5/25/17 // The Growlers Move the Arms-Crossed Crowd to Dance

New Yorker hipster attitude is no match for The Growlers' grooves. | read

5/11/17 // Black Lips, The Moonlandingz And Surfbort at Webster Hall

Webster Hall put on a sinful evening of music blessed by the gods—plus a special appearance from Sean Lennon. | read

5/4/17 // Surf Curse, EZTV, Joy Again, Rips at Brooklyn Bazaar

A too-cool-for-school kind of Friday night, brought to you by Flatbox Presents! | read

4/18/17 // Coachella

This weekend we entered into the world of flower crowns and rosé known as Coachella. This year's festival was filled with incredible artists, dope art, and overpriced food. But, as in previous years, did not disappoint. | read

4/13/17 // Dream Decay, Junk Boys, Weeping Icon, and Conduit at Alphaville

Lots of punk rock from all kinds of unexpected places! | read

4/6/17 // Welcome Home Stuyedeyed Show at Trans-Pecos

A punk rock show to welcome home Brooklyn-natives Stuyedeyed from tour—lineup includes Retail, Thick, & Psymon Spine! | read

4/5/17 // Drunk Show vs. Sober Show

BTRtoday's music journalist is always going to shows—sometimes lit AF and sometimes sober as a doorknob. Here she compares the two. | read

3/31/17 // Casper Skulls

On the government support of Canadian musicians, performing at SXSW, and origami spider art. | read

3/30/17 // Twiga, Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads, Ghost Camp, and Secret Crush at Alphaville

A total shit-show of a night that you should totally be extremely jealous of if you missed it. | read

3/30/17 // Week of 03/30/17

The only thing better than reggae music is LIVE REGGAE MUSIC! Enjoy a full setlist dedicated to live reggae! | listen

3/29/17 // Performance Art Bands, Gross To Some and Art To Others

BTRtoday explores performance art culture and speaks to concertgoers who enjoy a good show with some classic BDSM, fog, and who knows what else! | read

3/25/17 // Week of 03/25/17

We’re celebrating March Madness on Garbage Garage today, plus new tracks from Dirty Projectors, Emel, and Lusine! | listen

3/23/17 // Weird Omen, Ryne Ziemba, & Holy Tunics at Alphaville

A wild night filled with chaotic punk rock and sultry sax—-shit got weird in the best way possible! | read

3/21/17 // Checking out the Pros and Cons of SXSW 2017

The first tour I was on was a mission to Austin to play SXSW. I arrived, I played, and I partied. How will this year's experience differ from the previous? What is to be said about the importance of unofficial shows and the swelling consumerism and sponsorships associated with the official… | read

3/16/17 // SXSW Kickoff Party at The Knitting Factory

Some of NYC’s best acts played one last show before they hit the road for Texas—hear about the crazy antics here! | read

3/11/17 // Week of 03/11/17

Great bands playing in New York on their way to SXSW are showcased this week including Agnes Obel and Strand of Oaks! | listen

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