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6/22/17 // Georgia Special Election Takeaway

John checks in on Trump, North Korea and Otto Warmbier, and Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia 06. Plus, catching up on listener mail.      Photo by Anupamtree courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | listen

6/20/17 // Terror Against Muslims

Attacks on Muslims in the US and the UK, a check in on the status of the AHCA in the Senate, and listener mail catch up.       Philando Castile Protest Photo by Fibonacci Blue courtesy of… | listen

6/12/17 // Melissa Sage Dumont on Developmental Psych and Gender

Melissa Dumont joins us to discuss developmental psychology, gender and sexuality, and intelligence. Also, John checks in on the Comey hearing, and Labour has historic gains in the British… | listen

6/9/17 // JAMJAM Fridays on Comedy

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here to talk liberalism, comedy, and integration. Also, listener mail! | listen

6/6/17 // Bill Maher is the Absolute Worst

Trump attacks London’s Muslim mayor in the wake of new terrorist attacks there, Bill Maher continues to be a racist, John on the torture report, and listener mail.     Photo… | listen

6/1/17 // MGG Thursday

It’s MGG Thursdays and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk about TERFS at Left Forum and more on how to talk about Trump. Also, listener mail! Photo credit: Twitter (@melissagira) | listen

5/29/17 // Trump’s Not Like a Child

It’s Memorial Day, and the news from Montana is bad, the New York Times op-ed on Trump and child development is good, and the listener mail pile is the best. Photo by Jim Winstead Courtesy… | listen

5/25/17 // Ryan Devereaux on ICE escalation under Trump

Ryan Devereaux is here to discuss ICE arrests under Trump, as well as the FBI surveillance of the Bundy family. Also, catching up on listener mail. Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons | listen

5/24/17 // Bombing in Manchester

A bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, John checks in on Trump’s effort to halt the Russia investigation, and listener mail. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons       | listen

5/22/17 // Alyona Minkovski on Russophobia

Alyona Minkovski on what it’s like to be a Russian-American right now and thinking critically about the ways we talk about Russia. Also, John has the latest news from DC, and listener mail. … | listen

5/17/17 // Listener Guest Extravaganza!

Reuben Safire is back to discuss the South Korea elections as well as living with a chronic illness under Trump, and Laura Eyring is here to discuss the intersections of veganism and climate change.… | listen

5/9/17 // Listener Mail Catch Up

John on the Kushner family’s corruption, Emmanuel Macron wins the presidential election in France, and big time listener mail catch-up. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons | listen

5/3/17 // Andrew Jackson and Revisionist History

John explains why Trump’s worship of Andrew Jackson is as racist as it gets, a black 15-year-old was killed by Texas police, Jimmy Kimmel delivers a touching monologue about his newborn son and… | listen

5/2/17 // Reuben Safire on North Korea

Reuben Safire joins us to discuss the regional context around North Korea, John on the Congressional deal that averted a government shutdown, the New York Times op-ed staff shows contempt for its… | listen

4/26/17 // Trump's First Hundred Days

John is in the studio to catch up on the waking nightmare we live in now, the NYT messes up an op-ed on gender, and listener mail. Photo credit: Wikipedia commons | listen

4/25/17 // Macron versus Le Pen

The neoliberal and the nationalist will face a runoff in France, checking in on the Bernie and Heath Mello controversy, and listener mail. photo: Wikimedia Commons | listen

4/17/17 // John on the MOAB

John explains the bomb called Mother of All Bombs dropped in Afghanistan on Thursday, and the larger implications for the war escalations happening across the Middle East. Also, a look at the new… | listen

4/11/17 // Peter Frase on Four Futures

Peter Frase joins us to discuss his book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism, and listener mail. Photo credit: Twitter (@pefrase) | listen

4/10/17 // Missiles in Syria

The Trump administration has launched missiles into a Syrian air base, Senate Republicans go nuclear on the Gorch, and listener mail. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons | listen

4/7/17 // Steve Bannon is off the NSC

A new study finds improved health outcomes for children enrolled in Universal Pre K, John checks in on Bannon, and listener mail.    Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons | listen

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