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4/12/17 // Ali // Tricking Her Siblings

In this episode, Ali talks about what it was like to be the oldest sister growing up. She shares stories of sibling rivalry and the initiation pranks she pulled after convincing her younger brother… | watch

3/23/17 // Molly Knefel on How Trump's Budget Targets After-School...

Molly Knefel -- one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch -- discusses how the new proposed budget recently released by the Trump Administration… | watch

9/22/16 // Feed Your Baby Eggs And Peanuts

If you expose babies to potential allergens early on, they may be at a lower risk for developing intolerance! | read

12/9/15 // Kids Who Cook

Get your kids involved in the kitchen! It might little scary or irresponsible to give a kid a knife and say “Mince this garlic for me,” but there are plenty of ways to get youngsters involved in the kitchen that won’t end in bloodshed. | read

12/7/15 // No Love For HPV Vaccines

In the United States, approximately 10,000 women will be diagnosed yearly and 3,700 people will die from cervical cancer. | read

11/26/15 // Shannon Dew

Happy Thanksgiving! This week we catch up with Shannon Dew, Beachbody personal fitness coach and author of the lifestyle blog Life After Dew. | listen

11/23/15 // Beth Henry

This week is my super secret winter travel spots, Asia edition! After that we chat with Beth Henry, voice behind Cloud Surfing Kids. | listen

9/2/15 // Adventure Nannies Assists Travel

Labor Week - We've discovered one more alternative travel option. It pays considerably well and often affords you perks that are probably out of your current pay grade, like luxury resort stays or weeks spent on a yacht. The only catch? Must love kids! | read

7/22/15 // Week of 07/22/15

Midweek on BTR features DJRePete spinning a music discovery mix comprised of beats from the likes of the Stoop Kids, a blues bloc by The Ghoul Goes West, and alt rock off the new album by Jaill. Plus, a seasonally apropos track by Dylan Fox And The Wave entitled Mid July, and bands + info on this… | listen

6/5/15 // Fashion: Are Heelys Rolling Back?

Remember those shoes with the wheel... in the heel? These gems from the 2000s could be making a comeback. Steer clear of kids who might be rolling down a mall near you. | read

5/9/13 // Third Eye Weekly

It's Psych Week on BTR! On today's show, Caroline Rothstein talks about her most recent story for on the child actors who starred in the controversial 1995 film Kids. Later, Psychologist Jennifer O. Grimes joins us to talk about her work exploring extroversion and introversion in… | listen

4/17/13 // “Miracle Man” by Bird Call

Bird Call is a NYC-based musical project founded by singer and musician Chiara Angelicola. Featuring synthesizers and heavily-yet-pleasantly processed vocals, their music covers a wide range of emotional territory through vulnerable lyrics and an experimental look towards the future; aliens, the… | watch

4/11/13 // Kids Today

In a society where bullying is an ongoing major cause for concern and, in light of recent news that dodgeball has been banned in certain elementary schools, BTR Pulse’s Lauren Hawker asks people in New York whether they believe kids today are too coddled. | watch

3/20/13 // Boomerang Kids on the Rise with Economic Downturn - Reunion Week

Amidst tough economic times, college graduates are returning home to regroup before forging adult life. | read

1/29/13 // The Facts About the Problem with Facts - Bullshit Week

Facts aren't always as factual and reliable as we expect them to be... | read

12/20/12 // After Newtown

In the wake of the mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday, December 14th, a familiar debate began about the causes of the tragedy. At an interfaith vigil held two days later, President Obama pledged to use his office to make an effort to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the… | watch

9/24/12 // Opinion: Dinosaurs and Dirty Dancing - Child Week

Schools across the country crack down on things deemed "controversial." | read

6/28/12 // Body Piercing & Parental Consent

Teens interested in having anything other than their ears pierced could soon be banned from doing so in New York State. Many piercing shops already reject kids under 18 without explicit parental consent and state lawmakers could follow their lead if a new bill is signed into law. The bill, which… | watch

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