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1/11/18 // What Dunham, Sarandon and (Ivanka) Trump Have In Common

And who they truly stand for. | read

1/9/18 // Ivanka Trump Applauds Oprah And Nobody Wants It

She’s not allowed to say “Time’s Up” while she works for her dad. | read

10/18/17 // Ivanka Trump’s “Punk Phase” Is 100 Percent Ridiculous

Ivanka is the least punk person on earth and always has been. | read

10/5/17 // MGG Thursdays on the Trumps buying Cy Vance

It’s MGG Thursdays and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk about the Propublica reporting on Manhattan DA Cy Vance dropping a criminal investigation into the Trumps after getting a donation from… | listen

7/13/17 // MGG Thursdays and Donald Jr. Implosion Week

It’s MGG Thursdays and the Donald Trump Jr. news continues to escalate at an alarming pace.    Melissa Gira Grant, via Twitter | listen

6/15/17 // Fox News Men Can’t Shut Up

I used an app to tally how much the network’s men dominate conversations. Big shocker: it’s a lot. | read

5/26/17 // Melissa Gira Grant on Ivanka’s human trafficking project

It’s MGG Thursdays, this week on Friday, and Melissa Gira Grant joins us to talk about Ivanka Trump’s new human trafficking project, the Montana body slam, and Melania’s hand slaps. Also, John… | listen

4/27/17 // Melissa Gira Grant on the Fearless Girl

Melissa Gira Grant is back for MGG Thursdays and we’re talking Wall Street’s Fearless Girl, the NYT tomboy op ed, and the politics of booing Ivanka. Also, John joins us to talk about Trump’s… | listen

4/21/17 // Ep 2 // Ivanka & Jared, the End of ‘Girls,’ and ‘Your Name.’

This week, we welcome back contributors Oriana Leckert and Matt Ruby to discuss the once again supposedly on the rise power couple of Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner as well as the end of Lena… | listen

4/20/17 // Melissa Gira Grant on Ivanka Feminism

Melissa Gira Grant is back for MGG Thursdays and we go deep on Ivanka and Lean In feminism. Also, John checks in on North Korea. Photo credit: Twitter (@melissagira) | listen

1/5/17 // Modern Feminism

Today is a little different, dear listeners. We all take a minute after the New Year to breathe and regroup. Instead of a guest on this week's show, you will hear my dulcet tones solo assess the… | listen

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