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3/30/17 // Brian Primack

We're joined by special guest Brian Primack. He's director of the Center for Research on Media, Technology and Health at the University of Pittsburgh. Recently, he was the co-author of a study revealing that social media use can lead to feelings of increased social isolation. | listen

3/19/17 // An Insider’s Look at Life In a Cult, With Dr. Alexandra Stein

“People in a cult don’t know they’re in a cult; people being brainwashed don’t know they’re being brainwashed.” | read

1/7/15 // The Wednesday Show

It’s your BTR Wednesday! One week into the new year and DJRePete’s already plotting and planning spring festivals. Tune in for info on the Mission Creek Festival going down in Iowa City in April, and featuring Foxygen. Plus, some new alternative from Bonfire Beach, beats with Flight Facilities,… | listen

3/20/14 // Stories Beneath the Cults - Deception Week

Cult survivors explain what it is like on the inside. | read

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