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4/20/17 // Blossom with Rose Fitness NY

Jesse Rosenthal, founder of Rose Fitness NY, explains why he entered the personal fitness industry and how accountability and hard work can change your lifestyle. | read

2/24/16 // Denmark Opens Surplus Food Grocery Store

Food waste is a serious issue internationally, with approximately one third of food worldwide being thrown away. Denmark's first food surplus grocery has opened in an attempt to remedy this. | read

11/14/14 // Sew & Tell

What if I told you about a tough, durable, stylish sneaker that’s made of… paper? Sounds impossible, right? This week’s guest, Steven Weinreb, is the founder and CEO of Civic Duty, a new line of footwear made from Tyvek. Tyvek is a recyclable plastic-based fiber with the texture of paper… | listen

9/20/13 // Sew & Tell

Haaaaaay! Guess what??!! Sew & Tell has its first nail artist on the show today, and she's suuuuper awesome. Ashley Crowe is a Chicago-based freelance nail artist who started a blog called Astrowifey to document her passion for nail art, as she herself learned and experimented in the early days… | listen

4/26/13 // Sew & Tell

In honor of BTR's Earth Week, I'm joined on Sew & Tell today by special guest Natalia Allen, a pioneer in sustainable fashion design and technology. After graduating as Designer of the Year from Parson's, Natalia worked as a consultant for top-level fashion brands, helping them create… | listen

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