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11/19/17 // Mid November Chillin'

Here's how we chill mid November; Turn on this damn show (Dealer's Choice), crank the damn volume, jam the hell out! Doubleshots and new tunes to celebrate mid November and the year that is and was 2017. | listen

11/12/17 // Holding on to what's left of 2017!

Lets spend what's left of 2017 enjoying the new music of 2017, because before we know it, we will be deep into the new music of 2018. So mid November here are Dealer's Choice means double shots, new tunes and pleasure! | listen

11/5/17 // Remember, Remember...

Remember remember the 5th of November! Don't you dare forget it!!!!! Double shots galore and all new tunes for the new month and because why the hell not! | listen

10/29/17 // 2 big double shots (1 New, 1 BTR Live Studio)

I'm liking these extended double shots. 1 of new tunes, 1 of exclusive BTR Live Studio tracks. Just shut up and listen, you can thank me later! | listen

10/8/17 // Week of 10/08/17

New New New! As we make our way deep into the fall, we spend some time enjoying these new indie tunes and an extended double shot, plus some Mac Demarco at the end. Just sip it all in and smile, like it's a pumpkin spiced latte! | listen

10/1/17 // Week of 10/01/17

Wake up!!!!! It's the first of the month. Double shots and new tunes galore on today's show. Let's end the weekend and start the month together, holding hands, in musical harmony! | listen

9/24/17 // Week of 09/24/17

Fall is here. New tunes are here. Extended double shot is here. DJ Drew is here (duh). You are here! Lets do the damn thing! | listen

9/23/17 // Week of 09/23/17

Join The Party Hour for your weekend mix of Indie Music! Catch host J.Dayz as he spins a continuos mix of Indie Hip Hop, EDM, Pop and Remixes. Music in the show from The Cool Kids, Childish Gambino, Mos Def, Santigold and more! | listen

9/16/17 // Week of 09/16/17

Today we’re flirting with the apocalypse with some end of the world-themed songs, plus new tunes from Lomelda and Early Riser. | listen

9/9/17 // Week of 09/09/17

Get the music you need for your weekend with The Party Hour. In the show tonight a mix of genres including tracks by MORTEN, Kid Sister, Santigold, A-Trak and more. Subscribe to The Party Hour on Apple Podcast! | listen

9/3/17 // Week of 09/03/17

Extend the final weekend in summer! It doesn't have to end today!!! Let the music keep you going! Right here on Dealer's Choice on BTR | listen

9/2/17 // Week of 09/02/17

Join host J.Dayz as he spins a mix of indie music here on this Labor Day Weekend! A mix of EDM, Hip Hop, Pop and Remixes, all coming up. Remember to subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast, Google Play or Tune IN!! | listen

8/27/17 // Week of 08/27/17

Season finale of Game Of Thrones. I'm sad, it's over! And its almost officially over. Let's fight the no more dragon blues with some awesome GOT inspired tunes! The North remembers! Let's go! | listen

8/26/17 // Week of 08/26/17

We ride out the last weekend of August with another mix of Indie Music. In the show music from Tittsworth, A-Trak, Steve Aoki and Leaf. Subscribe to The Party Hour on Apple Podcast, Google Play Music or TuneIN. | listen

8/26/17 // Week of 08/26/17

Featuring tracks from Brooklyn’s Afro Punk festival artists like Sinkane and The Cool Kids, plus new music from Widowspeak and Dent May! | listen

8/20/17 // Week of 08/20/17

Eclipse on the way! Tomorrow is gonna be cool, so get your proper viewing glasses and see if you can catch some of that tasty eclipse! And here are some tunes to enjoy while we wait, cause why not? | listen

8/19/17 // Week of 08/19/17

Catch host J.Dayz spinning another continuous mix of independent music on this weeks episode of The Party Hour! Music from Childish Gambino, Duck Sauce, Steve Aoki, Donnis and more! Plus NEW music… | listen

8/17/17 // High Waisted’s LSD-Inspired Annual Booze Cruise Sails Again

This party is like your birthday, plus New Year's Eve, plus your senior prom, plus your wedding all in one night. | read

8/13/17 // Week of 08/13/17

An opening block of new stuff, then an extra long double shot cut in 2, then 2 extra long finishing tracks on DJ Drew's Dealer's Choice today! | listen

8/12/17 // Week of 08/12/17

Catch a FIREY HOT Mix of Indie Music on The Party Hour Show! We got the best mix of music for your weekend with tracks by Leaf, Danny Brown, Rusko, Major Lazer and more. EDM, Trap, Dub Step, Reggae, Dance & Remixes, all coming up next! | listen

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