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5/29/17 // W. Fitzhugh Brundage on Confederate Monuments

W. Fitzhugh Brundage joins the show to discuss the rise in demand to remove Confederate memorials in the South, the practice of historical triage, and why the monuments should be removed but not destroyed. | listen

4/20/17 // What's The Deal With Pennies, Anyway?

The power of the penny is a strange alchemy of history, habit, and economics. | read

4/10/17 // Wikipedia Has a Problem With Women

The historical community itself has not evolved enough in its coverage of women, nor in its approach to the study of alternative histories, and neither history academia nor Wikipedia can wait for the other to adapt. | read

3/7/17 // Spring Break Art Show

This week Art Uncovered hits the Spring Break Art Show, a curator-driven art fair that showcases over 150 curators who premiere new artworks created by over 400 artists. The selected curators were… | listen

1/11/17 // Weird Hangover Cures

Hangovers are inevitable, but here are some weird-ass ways to treat them. | read

12/28/16 // Conservatives Plan How to Further Privatize Education

At a conservative education conference, Republicans and Democrats celebrate “choice,” and Just John on World War II parallels with the present. Photo credit: Wikipedia Commons | listen

11/9/16 // Secrets Of Washington Square Park

A lot has changed about New York City’s Washington Square Park since it first opened in 1871, but it remains one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city. Some of the park’s lesser-known… | watch

10/25/16 // Daisy Patton

| listen

10/4/16 // Dawson City: Frozen in Time

This week: Filmmaker Bill Morrison discusses his new documentary Dawson City: Frozen in Time. The film is screening on October 4th at 9pm at Lincoln Center as part of the New York Film Festival. | listen

9/20/16 // Michael Oriard

This week, in honor of the start of football season, a conversation with with Michael Oriard. Michael is a writer, cultural historian of football, and former offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs. | listen

9/17/16 // Week of 09/17/16

This week on Garbage Garage, we’re going back to school- we like to put it off as long as possible- with a set of back to school songs, plus lots of new and old favorite tunes! | listen

9/13/16 // Who Shot Sports

Author, curator and photography historian Gail Buckland talks about her new book and exhibition Who Shot Sports: A Photographic History, 1843 to the Present. The show is on view now at the Brooklyn Museum through January 8th, 2017. | listen

8/17/16 // The Many Sickly-Sweet Scents of New York City

New York is home to many mysterious and sickly-sweet smells, but according to writer and mapmaker John Tauranac, it used to be a lot worse. BTRtoday gives you the poop scoop on all things stinky in the city that never sleeps. | read

6/14/16 // Remake Remix Rip-Off

Filmmaker Cem Kaya talks about his documentary Remake Remix Rip-Off. The film chronicles the rise and fall of Yesilcam, the Turkish film industry, which during the Cold War was one of the most prolific in the world, churning out close to 300 films a year. Producers kept up with the public's demand… | listen

6/7/16 // Sight Seen

Denver, Colorado based artist and photographer Edie Winograde talks about her project Sight Seen, which she made while traveling through America's national parks. Edie is interested in how we experience history in the landscape, and her pictures of places like Niagara Falls, Monument Valley, and… | listen

5/23/16 // We Bombed Spain, But It Seems History Has Forgotten

The Spanish town of Palomares has a grave history from deadly American explosives that once littered the region, but how and why has this been erased from mainstream history? | read

5/15/16 // The Dark Story of Randall's Island

The popular music festival spot, Randall’s Island, has no Woodstock story! It used to be known as “the island of the undesirables.” BTRtoday dives into its history. | read

5/10/16 // Dreamworlds and Catastrophes

Curator Ksenia Nouril talks about her exhibition Dreamworlds and Catastrophes:Intersections of Art and Science in the Dodge Collection. The show features artwork made by "unofficial" Soviet artists during the Cold War. These artists turned away from the state-mandated Socialist Realism style, and… | listen

4/19/16 // Christine Osinski

Artist Christine Osinski has a new book of photos called Summer Days Staten Island. The project, shot in the early 1980s, documents the working class neighborhoods of Staten Island, where Christine moved after getting priced out of Manhattan. In this episode Osinski speaks about her Staten Island… | listen

3/15/16 // Margin of Error

Curator Matthew Abess discusses his new exhibition Margin of Error. The show features art and ephemera that speak to both the wonder and the hazards of industrial age technologies. The show includes everything from Fascist-era Italian safety posters to Photographs and graphic art about the dangers… | listen

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