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1/16/18 // From My Ears to Yours

Today features new music from David Bars, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Jamo Gang & more. | listen

1/12/18 // Back On The Grind

Woooo, you're going to love this mix. Every artist is so on point. Check out the El Franco Gorilla track "Bam Bam," when you get a chance. Just let the mix rock straight through. Sometimes we like to showcase some of the artists on the playlist too. You can also check out Miky Woodz on the "Antes De… | listen

1/10/18 // Bazarro keeps it World Wide

Yes, yes! The music continues. The world keeps spinning and the sun keeps shining. So we stay in full effect to keep rocking for you. Whether you're in a cold zone or hot zone is here for you. We rock the whole globe. Let's go!!! | listen

1/9/18 // R.I.P. Combat Jack

Today features new music from David Bars, Roc Marciano, Blame One & Shabaam Sahdeeq. | listen

1/3/18 // New Year!

Happy New Year to all. This is the first World Hip ­Hop Show of the year so let's rock ... Check out DeCaf Black with Napoleon Da Legend on "Man Makes the Rules."  Also, check out Micah Gaugh from Brazil ... Different stuff man, I'm telling you. Rock the house yawl!!! | listen

1/2/18 // Back 2 Business

Today features music from DJ Skizz, Dave Dar, N.B.S. & Hus Kingpin. | listen

12/29/17 // The Last Minute

Making plans last minute? Buying a gift a day after Christmas because you screwed up? Don't worry, I'm your side. You can run around and rock this last minute latin hip­ hop mix what ever errands you are running. We all not perfect. So now you have a mix where you can blame everything on yourself… | listen

12/27/17 // Almost the New Year Mix

Whatever you had to do before 2018, you better do it now. Time's almost up, get it done! While you're running around town you can still tune in and rock to my world hip ­hop show. It will calm you down. Peep the line up. Lots of talent around the globe. Check out Illa J & Moka ONly on the collabo.… | listen

12/26/17 // BEST OF 2017 PT III

Today features music from DJ Skizz, Big Twins, Pre$$ha Dinero, AWKWORD & more. | listen

12/22/17 // Reggaeton Strikes Back!

I won't be here on Christmas. So I would like to say " Merry Christmas" to everybody rocking to my Latin Hip ­Hop mix! Yes, please enjoy yourself. Hope you get what you always wanted and that you give back to those you care about. Tis the season for us to keep your head bopping and your feet… | listen

12/19/17 // BEST OF 2017 PT II

Today features music from J Scienide, Dunbar, The Council & more. | listen

12/15/17 // Favs of 2017 Part 1

Happy Holidays ... To all who love the gift of giving. I'm giving you some of my favorite joints I played during the year of 2017. I'm telling you, this might of been the fastest year of my life. One minute it was July 4th, boom then labor day, now Christmas is up the block. So on that note here is… | listen

12/13/17 // Bazarro's Best of 2017 World Hip-Hop Joints Part 1

Yes, yes. I will be rocking some of my favorite joints of 2017. World Hip­ hop joints. Come on rock with me. I'm doing part 1 this week and part 2 next weds, ya feel me. Shoutout to everybody who sent me some good music this year. And shootout to all then artists who are trying to break out using… | listen

12/12/17 // BTR Hip Hop Anniversary Show

Today features music from Bumpy Knuckles, Strong Arm Steady, Roc Marciano & more. | listen

12/8/17 // Get Into The Flow

Happy Holidays ... Yeah another dope mix for you. Reggaeton at the highest level. No time for cheesy music. Good music all the time right here. These artists on this playlist play no games. They don't just put one record out and go missing. Check out Jay EF on the playlist, he got some good music in… | listen

12/6/17 // Taste Buds in The Brains Mix

Sounds good right? Yea, this mix going to get all up in your brain. You can damn near taste the music. World Hip Hop for ya!! Thanks me later. Check out this dope artist on the playlist, Shumba Youth from the UK. Napoleon Da Legend put me on to him. Also check out Cohen@Mushon from Israel. They are… | listen

12/5/17 // Best Tracks of 2017 Pt. I

Today features music from Sy Ari Da Kid, Big Block Silvers, 3D & Shabaam Sahdeeq. | listen

12/1/17 // Puerto Rico Comeback Mix

Yes, yes!! We dedicate this mix to Puerto Rico. Working hard to get the whole country back on track. Definitely not a easy task. We just wanna rock some good music to get you thru the day no matter what your occupation is to help the country get on it's feet again. Lots of great talent in this mix.… | listen

11/29/17 // Between the Oceans Mix

Boom!! Cracking the ice with all this boom bap in this mix. Non­stop blow your speakers out on this one..This mix right here. No cheap monitors please.. LOL. Nah let's go. We rock to any speaker system with this mix. So rock with us. Between the oceans mix. Yeah get ya passports out. Going to be a… | listen

11/28/17 // Welcome Back

Today features music from Mark Ski, DJ Premier, ASAP Ferg, Skyzoo & Torae. | listen

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