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6/28/17 // The Kennedy Character Assassination

There’s a winner in the race to the dumbest health care comment and it’s a former MTV VJ. Speaking on FOX News, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery attempted to cast doubt on BCRA criticism in the glibbest… | read

6/15/17 // Fox News Men Can’t Shut Up

I used an app to tally how much the network’s men dominate conversations. Big shocker: it’s a lot. | read

6/13/17 // Why Are We Surprised Megyn Kelly Interviewed Alex Jones?

The Fox News superstar has moved to NBC but she’s intent on showing she’s still a conservative lunatic. | read

5/22/17 // Alyona Minkovski on Russophobia

Alyona Minkovski on what it’s like to be a Russian-American right now and thinking critically about the ways we talk about Russia. Also, John has the latest news from DC, and listener mail. … | listen

5/18/17 // Good Riddance to Roger Ailes

Bye bye Roger. We're better off without you. | read

2/16/17 // Monitoring the Media

In an era of severe media distrust, watchdog organizations like FAIR are holding news outlets accountable to their audiences. | read

1/9/17 // Megyn Kelly on NBC is a Chilling Thought for Feminists

Her move to NBC will solidify the exception that we make for her bigotry because of her silky tresses and the fact that she is a powerful woman sitting amongst powerful men. | read

12/1/16 // The Day After

Flashback episode!  We're talking to Olivia Harrison about Fox News and artist co-ops. | listen

9/15/16 // New York Year

We're in the studio with Refinery29's Olivia Harrison, talking about NYC and Fox News | listen

8/27/15 // Week of 08/27/15

Today I drop a few lines on the state of this political "race" or how it looks to me like it's the same dog and pony show. I'll give you my opinion on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and the rest of the reality show cast from the presidential race. I will also give you my review on the movie… | listen

10/23/14 // Third Eye Weekly

It's Anti-Social Week on BTR! On today's show, we’re talking with the minds behind two of the most provocative viral videos on the subject of how the Digital Age is doing more to keep us apart rather than bring us together. | listen

6/20/14 // Opinion: Breaking Through the Noise - Breakthrough Week

Why breakthroughs are so hard for Washington to do. | read

10/5/13 // The Music Digest

Today we review The Golden Age, the first full length album from Dizzy Wright. The 22-song beast of an album that was released on August 19th on Funk Volume is a journey of an LP. Dizzy covers consciousness, frontin' in the rap game, always being consistent in life, and many other tropes and themes… | listen

9/9/13 // Taking a Practical Position: Apprenticeships on the Rise - Assistant Week

While college graduates are having an increasingly difficult time finding jobs, some young people are opting to become an apprentice rather than an intern. | read

4/19/13 // Mainstream Media Misinformation en Masse

Every major error from every major media outlet covering the Boston Marathon bombing, tallied for your enjoyment. | read

2/2/13 // On "On Bullshit" - Bullshit Week

Almost 27 years since its first publication, Dr. Harry Frankfurt's hilarious and thought provoking essay rings true now more than ever. | read

12/28/12 // Not Out of the Woods Yet - Winter Week

How those affected by the hurricane are handling the holidays. | read

11/27/12 // Radio Dispatch

Fox News declares a War on Men, and we give you your reading list for the first ever Radio Dispatch Live, which we're recording this week. | listen

11/13/12 // Opinion: Okay, Let's Get Over Ourselves - Hype Week

Why liberals should not tout Obama's Pyrrhic victory as the end of conservatism as we know it. | read

11/9/12 // Tantalizing Texts - Dirty Week

Is sexting becoming standard? | read

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