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8/16/17 // Adam Johnson, Part II: America the Benevolent Giant

In Part II, Adam Johnson talks about the media's tendency to frame the United States in a benevolent light and the cultish ideology surrounding American war. | listen

8/7/17 // Anna Lekas Miller On Mosul After ISIS

Anna Lekas Miller joins us to discuss her reporting on families living in Mosul in the aftermath of ISIS. Also, catching up on listener mail. | listen

6/8/17 // MGG Thursdays on the News

It’s MGG Thursdays and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk news consumption, distraction, and reliability. Also, John checks in on the attack in Iran. Photo credit: Twitter (@melissagira) | listen

5/19/17 // Benjamin Friedman, Part II: Domestic Politics vs. Foreign Affairs

Benjamin Friedman returns to discuss domestic tumult's effect on foreign policy, how the U.S. can afford to start wars in the Middle East, and why the current administration shouldn't be trusted with wars. | listen

5/18/17 // Benjamin Friedman, Part I: Foreign Policy

Benjamin Friedman joins the show to discuss what President Trump's unpredictability means for our allies and adversaries, the lack of strategy in Syria, and why the president has become more of a traditional hawk. | listen

5/4/17 // Darren Samuelsohn, Part II: White House Coverage

Darren Samuelsohn is back to discuss Donald Trump's dogged commitment to campaign promises and the conflicts of interest created by the president's businesses. | listen

4/28/17 // Weekly Rundown: Not So Easy

Joe discusses the current unpredictability of American foreign relations, as well as Donald Trump's interview with Reuters, where the president admitted he thought the job "would be easier." | listen

4/26/17 // Trump's First Hundred Days

John is in the studio to catch up on the waking nightmare we live in now, the NYT messes up an op-ed on gender, and listener mail. Photo credit: Wikipedia commons | listen

4/20/17 // Dr. Steve Billet, Part II: Trump's Foreign Policy & Unpredictability

In the second part of our conversation, Dr. Steve Billet discusses the troublesome nature of President Trump's unpredictability with foreign affairs, his shift toward mainstream Republican foreign policy, and the media's curious reverence for military intervention. | listen

3/29/17 // White Supremacy in NYC

A white supremacist has been charged with murder as an act of terrorism after killing a black man in New York City, John checks in on the US bombing in Iraq that killed hundreds of civilians, and… | listen

1/6/17 // Russian Connections

Benjamin Friedman discusses the oddity of Donald Trump's connections to Russia and whether they're cause for concern, as well as what decades-old defense deals might look like during and after a Trump presidency. | listen

1/5/17 // Hawkish Trump

Benjamin Friedman discusses why it's so hard to predict an incoming president's foreign policy and why he believes Donald Trump will be "conventionally hawkish." | listen

11/23/16 // Ryan Devereaux on Michael Flynn

Ryan Devereaux joins us to discuss Michael Flynn, a Washington state lawmaker proposed a law that would criminalize protesting as economic terrorism, and listener mail. | listen

9/28/16 // The First Presidential Debate

Looking at the first presidential debate through the lens of gender, race, and foreign policy.   | listen

9/2/16 // Trump’s incoherence on immigration

Trump's incoherent immigration speech, reviewing a defense of Obama's foreign policy.   | listen

8/10/16 // BLM calls for moratorium on charter schools

The Movement for Black Lives calls for a moratorium on charter schools, 50 Republican foreign policy elites come out against Trump, and listener mail.   Photo credit: via Wikimedia | listen

7/7/16 // Intervention Gone Too Far?

BTRtoday speaks with Benjamin Friedman of the Cato Institute about whether the United States’ hyper-interventionist foreign policy is sustainable in the long term. | read

3/7/16 // Parents Love Pre-K

NYC parents are almost universally satisfied with universal pre-K, Hillary Clinton's role in the US intervention in Libya, and listener mail. | listen

9/15/15 // Study says raise the age of criminal responsibility

New study says age of criminal responsibility should be 21, are top officials cooking the books on airstrikes against ISIS, and listener mail. | listen

9/9/15 // Petraeus battles ISIS

David Petraeus’s weird, wild plan to defeat ISIS, white people on Trump, the wrong ways that coupled people talk to single people, and listener mail. | listen

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