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12/10/17 // Eight Must-Have Holiday Cooking Bookmarks

Don’t start your holiday cooking without these online recipe resources | read

12/3/17 // Outrageously Impressive Holiday Cocktails

Weather outside frightful? These holiday cocktails can warm any room. | read

11/27/17 // Turning Thanksgiving Leftovers Into Fitness Fuel

The remains of Thanksgiving day weighing you down? Here's how to make that turkey work for you. | read

11/23/17 // The Definitive Thanksgiving Food Ranking

Don’t eat like a dummy. Make the most of the holiday with our guide to good grub. | read

11/16/17 // How to Order at the Most Expensive Restaurants in America

Get the most bang for your many, many bucks at the priciest places in the country. | read

10/22/17 // Don't Let Texas Pete's Get Lost in the Hot Sauce Explosion

Pete's lacks the extreme heat of other sauces but its refined flavor shouldn't be slept on. | read

9/25/17 // The Kitchen Secrets of Pro Athletes (Surprise: It’s Not Kale or Quinoa)

Sure, there is a time and place for leafy greens and ancient grains. However, are some of the more unconventional fuel sources really so bad? | read

9/24/17 // Will Empty Malls Become the Next Local Farms?

Urban farms are cropping up on rooftops, in parking lots, even in an abandoned laser tag arena. When urban futurists, plant scientists and farmers get together, the result is fresh hyper-local hydroponic greens. Is it the future or just a fad? | read

9/7/17 // I’m A Lazy Millennial And Somehow Nutrisystem Still Worked For Me

I remembered the ads for Nutrisystem from when I was a kid so I used all my journalism skills to reach out and pitch a story to them. | read

8/27/17 // Can Beer Feed The World?

Two men have a mission to make the most of wasted grain. They call the bars “a Trojan horse for the base ingredient.” The future, they say, is beer flour. | read

8/13/17 // Vegetarianism Is Making You Depressed

Vegetarian and vegan diets are arguably more environmentally friendly than meat based ones. But a recent study suggests they also might be making you sad. | read

8/7/17 // Saturday at Smorgasburg!

As a way to celebrate the end of last week's hot, humid and wet weather, BTRtoday indulged in the food of Smorgasburg in Williamsburg. | read

8/6/17 // Delivering the Death of Supermarkets

Millennials want instant gratification. Online grocery shopping is one of many ways to provide this. Are we headed towards the death of supermarkets? | read

7/30/17 // I Ate Grasshopper Ice Cream So You Don’t Have To

Are you brave enough to eat insect ice cream? An ice cream shop in the Village is serving up grasshoppers instead of sprinkles. Delicious, or just creepy? | read

7/25/17 // Daniel Lanzilotta

Daniel Lanzilotta is an environmental artist who repurposes plastic waste, detritus, rubbish, fragments of litter, trash, flotsam and jetsam into works of art. Daniel is also a private chef who… | listen

7/3/17 // Grilling Foods, Ranked

A definitive list of the best grilling foods available for your Fourth of July barbecue. | read

7/2/17 // Why Fad Diets Always Fail

Nutritionist Amy Shapiro believes the key to a healthy, body doesn’t lie in clickbait articles or celebrity endorsed products. | read

6/25/17 // Artisanal Snacks Are The New Fidget Spinners

Millennials want personalized product from custom makeup to specialized sneakers. This hunger for experience-based purchases extends to the world of snack food. | read

5/28/17 // Can you Change the World by Changing What You Eat?

Worried about the morality of your dinner? Shelburne Farms is pairing delicious food and social justice. | read

5/14/17 // Clear Coffee Is Here. But Why?

Two brothers from Slovakia have created a coffee drink that looks like water, but will provide your daily dose of caffeine. Is it brilliant, or just plain gross? | read

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