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5/28/17 // Can you Change the World by Changing What You Eat?

Worried about the morality of your dinner? Shelburne Farms is pairing delicious food and social justice. | read

5/14/17 // Clear Coffee Is Here. But Why?

Two brothers from Slovakia have created a coffee drink that looks like water, but will provide your daily dose of caffeine. Is it brilliant, or just plain gross? | read

5/7/17 // Water, Water Everywhere, But is it Safe to Drink?

The National Resources Defense League recently released a report on the state of drinking water in America. Their findings demonstrate what they describe as “a stunning number of violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act around the nation.” | read

4/25/17 // Amanda Heidel

Amanda Heidel is an MFA candidate at the State University of New York at New Paltz. She uses reclaimed, recycled and waste materials in her sculptures, installations and performances as a way to blur… | listen

4/13/17 // Week of 04/13/17

Today's show features a in depth conversation and exclusive music from Otis Clapp's new EP Helen Keller. | listen

4/11/17 // What to Do With Your Passover Leftovers

Seder food is the best. Here's how you can enjoy it for days to come! | read

4/6/17 // Week of 04/06/17

Today's show features music from Lil Bizzy, Mentplus, MC Bravado, L.I.F.E. Long & Bunty Beats. | listen

4/5/17 // The Spaghetti Donut Has Arrived

Is it a terrifying or brilliant invention? | read

4/4/17 // ASMR Food Videos Are Ear Candy

ASMR food videos can make your body tingle and your mouth water all at the same time. | read

4/2/17 // It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Seriously, today is National Peanut Butter And Jelly Day. Let's celebrate! | read

3/30/17 // Week of 03/30/17

Today's show features music from Lil Bizzy, Mentplus, King Magnetic, DJ Premier & Miguel. | listen

3/28/17 // Ranch Is Having a Comeback

This classic condiment has some new tricks up its sleeve. | read

3/26/17 // The Wonderful World of Crockpots

My newest kitchen accessory has got me all hot and bothered! Even though it cooks things at a very low temperature and isn't a bother at all... | read

3/23/17 // Week of 03/23/17

Today's show features a interview with Godz Chyd and music from his latest EP Reborn Loaded Lux, Sadat X, Killah Priest | listen

3/22/17 // Lucky Peach Is Not so Lucky!

The beloved indie food magazine is closing. | read

3/21/17 // Fail Chips for the Win

These crispy, crunchy bits are totally worth the trouble. | read

3/19/17 // How to Not Fuck up Your Scrambled Eggs

Deceptively simple, undeniably delicious. | read

3/16/17 // Week of 03/16/17

Today's show features new music from DJ Premier & Miguel and Kevin Ross | listen

3/8/17 // Ben & Jerry's Launches Cereal Ice Cream!

Ice cream for breakfast! | read

2/7/17 // Trump's Terrifying Diet

I am launching a theoretical investigation into what Donald Trump eats on the daily. | read

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