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2/19/18 // John Cook, Part II: Identifying Misinformation

In Part II, John Cook discusses how misinformation has spread to areas outside of science and the importance of identifying misinformation in the era of fake news. | listen

10/20/17 // JAMJAM Friday on Me Too

It’s JAMJAM Friday and Jesse Myerson is here to talk Me Too, Morning John on Trump supporters distrust of the media, and listener mail. Jesse Myerson, via Twitter | listen

9/26/17 // Dave Rand, Part II: Keeping Up with Fake News

In Part II, Dave Rand discusses the difficulties in keeping up with fake news, Facebook's potential solutions, and how much onus is on people consuming media. | listen

9/25/17 // Dave Rand, Part I: Flagging Fake News

Dave Rand joins the show to discuss his recent study about the effects of fact checking and verifying news articles on social media sites like Facebook. | listen

6/28/17 // Dr. Filippo Menacer on Fake News Spreading

Dr. Filippo Menczer joins the show to discuss his recent study exploring the spread of fake news on social media websites, the difficulty of problematic bots, and how people can educate themselves against low-quality information. | listen

6/28/17 // Trump Makes Time Magazine Great Again

Twitter’s been buzzing with news of the fraudulent Time Magazine cover that’s been showcased in a number of Trump’s country clubs and golf courses for months. | read

6/9/17 // Ep 9 // Fake News and ‘Wonder Woman’

This week, we welcome back contributors Ester Steinberg and Matt Ruby to discuss the ongoing issue of so-called “Fake News”. Also, Charles Hinshaw returns to discuss the new movie, Wonder Woman,… | listen

6/8/17 // MGG Thursdays on the News

It’s MGG Thursdays and Melissa Gira Grant is here to talk news consumption, distraction, and reliability. Also, John checks in on the attack in Iran. Photo credit: Twitter (@melissagira) | listen

5/11/17 // Andrew Lakoff on Undermined Trust

Andrew Lakoff discusses how our normal sites of trust have been undermined in recent months, the need for gatekeepers of consensus, and optimism for future convergence of scientific, political, and social circumstances. | listen

5/9/17 // John Cook on Fighting Misinformation

John Cook joins the show to discuss his recent study regarding misinformation about climate change, the trouble with giving equal weight to contrarian views, and the importance of educating about misleading argumentation. | listen

3/29/17 // Which Is More Fake: The Food or the News?

There's fake news, then there's fake food, then there's fake news about "fake" food that's actually real. What a mouthful! | read

3/7/17 // Spring Break Art Show

This week Art Uncovered hits the Spring Break Art Show, a curator-driven art fair that showcases over 150 curators who premiere new artworks created by over 400 artists. The selected curators were… | listen

2/11/17 // Sticks & Stones May Break Your Bones, but Alt Facts Will Fucking Kill You

Facts are facts, and “alternative facts” are lies. | read

2/2/17 // Healthy Skepticism

Jim Naureckas of FAIR discusses the importance of media watch organizations, the increased power of the media, and why skepticism is healthy for both journalists and consumers. | listen

1/22/17 // Week of 01/22/17

On today's Dealer's Choice show, only the truth with set us free! | listen

12/16/16 // Education & Consumption

Lynn Walsh talks about potential changes and refocusing in journalism education, how we can become more responsible consumers of media, and the environment for journalists in a post-truth world. | listen

12/16/16 // Shifting Journalism

BTRtoday speaks with SPJ president Lynn Walsh about the changing environment of journalism with the rise of fake news and the lack of trust in mainstream media. | read

12/15/16 // Fighting Fixed Opinions

Lynn Walsh discusses how journalists can combat the rise of fake news and dealing with people whose opinions are firmly fixed. | listen

12/14/16 // The Rise of Fake News

Lynn Walsh discusses the rise of fake news, how journalists feel about it, and how opinion journalism has shaped our current media climate. | listen

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