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6/22/17 // Week of 06/22/17

Experimental electronic dub throughout this reggae show today, with tracks form Dubamine, Echo Wanderer and a final track from Salmonella Dub | listen

6/19/17 // Week of 06/19/17

Another awesome one this week! Featuring tracks from Emptyset, High Tides, Datach'i and always the best of the rest... So let's do this! The glitch//idm show is on. | listen

6/12/17 // Week of 06/12/17

Totally tripped out show this week! Featuring tracks from Monolake, Squarepusher, Global Goon and always more. So let's get into it, this is the glitch//idm show! | listen

6/5/17 // Week of 06/05/17

Hey all! Amazingly chilled show this week, featuring tracks from Prefuse 73, Dabrye, Onra and always more. So let's get into it, this the glitch//idm show. | listen

5/29/17 // Week of 05/29/17

Awwwww yeah!! Mind-bending and body-calming show this week. Featuring tracks from Venetian Snares, Thriftworks, Subjex and always more! So let's get into it, the glitch//idm show! | listen

5/27/17 // Week of 05/27/17

On today’s show we’ve got a new Fred Thomas live track plus tunes from The Mountain Goats, Low Cut Connie, and Mac DeMarco! | listen

5/15/17 // Week of 05/15/17

Another awesome one this week! Featurning new tracks from Bibio, Moiré, Telefon Tel Aviv and always the best of more. So let's do this together; the glitch//idm show!!! | listen

5/8/17 // Week of 05/08/17

Amazing, Insane and Outlandish this week! Featuring new tracks from Actress, Woulg, JR Gurupu and always more!!! So let's do it! This is the the glitch//idm show | listen

5/1/17 // Week of 05/01/17

Welcome back everyone! Awesome new stuff this week from Woulg, Lorn, Daniel Fury and always a ton more. So let's do it together. This is the glitch//idm show with dj skymall!!! | listen

4/24/17 // Week of 04/24/17

Intense, Insane, Unsane... This week we are featuring tracks from the late and amazing Mika Vainio, and always more to behold. So get ready cause this one's pretty loud! This is the glitch//idm show. | listen

4/17/17 // Week of 04/17/17

Totally crazy one this week! Featuring new tracks from Clark, Taylor Deupree, Lorn and always more! So let's get into it; this is the glitch//idm show!!! | listen

4/10/17 // Week of 04/10/17

Another awesome one this week!!! New tracks from Daniel Fury, Vytear, Nokturno and more, more, MORE!!! So here we go, glitch//idm... | listen

4/3/17 // Week of 04/03/17

Hell yes! Another amazing, crazy, chaotic, and glitch-filled show this week; featuring new tracks from Onsy, Nuanae, Solypsis and always more. So let's get into it on the glitch//idm show!!! | listen

3/27/17 // Week of 03/27/17

Big, Bold, and Booming show this week! Featuring tracks from Talaboman, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Lakker and always the best more! So let's get it in together...on the glitch//idm show! | listen

3/20/17 // Week of 03/20/17

Another awesome and weird show this week! Featuring new tracks from Nathan Fake, Roel Funcken, Herva, and always a ton more. So come on and let's go with the glitch//idm show! | listen

3/13/17 // Week of 03/13/17

Another awesome show this week!!! Featuring tracks from Clark, Para One, Synkro and always more that I can handle ;) So let's do this!!! glitch//idm. | listen

3/6/17 // Week of 03/06/17

Let's do it big this week! We have new tracks from Space Dimension Controller, Herva, Vytear and always more. So get weird with us on this edition of the glitch//idm show!!! | listen

2/27/17 // Week of 02/27/17

Huge, Massive show today! New stuff from Hydroplane off Schematic Records, plus all the other mind-melting artists and tracks you seek... Get ready for the glich//idm show!!! | listen

2/20/17 // Week of 02/20/17

Unbelievably unbelievable show this week!!! Featuring a brand new track from Baseck plus loads of other weirdos doing their weirdness. So let's get it in... Glitch//IDM is on | listen

2/13/17 // Week of 02/13/17

Y'all ready for IDM madness!!! This week's show featuring tracks from Jega, Ceephax, Datach'i and a ton more// So tune out with us, right here on the glitch//idm show! | listen

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