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8/9/17 // John in the Studio!

John is in the studio to talk how climate change is already impacting the United States, de Blasio proposes a millionaires tax to fund the MTA, and a check in on the left conflict around Kamala… | listen

6/5/17 // Trump withdraws from Paris Climate Accord

John’s in the studio to talk about the broader implications of Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, plus red-baiting in Brooklyn schools, and listener mail. People's Climate… | listen

3/31/17 // Weekly Rundown: Immunity & Investigation

Joe discusses the recent developments surrounding former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, the Russian investigation, and President Trump's proposed budget. | listen

2/26/16 // Reform For The EPA

We continue the conversation with Nathaniel Rich to explore reforms that could be placed into the EPA. | listen

2/22/16 // DuPont Chemical Pollution

We speak with Nathaniel Rich, a contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine, about his story on the pollution of the DuPont Company. | listen

12/24/15 // Holiday Week

How to spread the spirit through food conservation--the best kind of giving that we can pay forward not only to our personal communities, but to the global community too. | listen

8/14/15 // EPA Accountability

We speak with an environmentalist on the EPA disaster in the Colorado river. | listen

8/13/15 // Colorado River Contamination

We speak with an environmentalist on the recent Gold King Mine defunct that has lead to a massive contamination of the Animas River and Colorado River. | listen

6/16/15 // Undermining Frack Hazards

We end on a discussion about how the EPA and other oil companies are working to undermine the hazardous effects. | listen

5/15/15 // At-Home Composting Benefits

The overarching environmental benefits of composting are abundant, but for home gardeners, what it means on a small scale is perhaps equally important. Dish + Drink takes a look at the details of composting at home. | read

5/12/15 // Aiming for Zero

Hazards Week - Could following a zero-waste lifestyle be the secret to combating America’s growing trash issue? BTR speaks with some environmentally conscious individuals about their lifestyle techniques. | read

3/3/15 // Shut Your Fracking Mouth

Secret Week - Is it ethical to ban people from talking about fracking? | read

7/10/14 // Third Eye Weekly

It's Social Week on BTR! On today’s show, Pamela Rutledge helps us dig deep beneath headlines about why technology is almost always bad for our fragile millennial psyches. But first, BTR’s own Brian Fencil joins us to talk about how radical violent groups are fighting the war on terror using… | listen

2/27/14 // The Dangers of Discarded Technology - Obsolete Week

Your old technology is now putting people and the environment at grave risk. | read

6/30/13 // Ladies Skate Only

Ladies are hogging the spotlight today! | listen

3/23/13 // Crashing the Reunion Party - Reunion Week

How Obama's second term cabinet is shaping up to be a Clinton administration reunion party. | read

3/6/13 // Endocrine Disruptors: The Wolf in Microwavable Plastic Clothing - Danger Week

We don't want to cry wolf, but you probably should never eat anything from a plastic container. Here's why... | read

2/13/13 // A Word on Aquifer Pollution - Help Week

ProPublica reporter Abrahm Lustgarten chats about the latest threat to America's water supply that isn't fracking. | read

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