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12/19/17 // Kristyna and Marek Milde

Kristyna and Marek Milde are Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artists and curators, originally from Prague, Czech Republic, working together as a collaborative tandem since 2011. | listen

7/17/17 // Can Greenie Make Environmentalism Fun?

The new app Greenie puts a new spin on saving the planet. | read

5/9/17 // Storing the Seeds of Hope

The Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway is more than just an intimidating arctic fortress—it represents investment in the future of food. | read

5/7/17 // Water, Water Everywhere, But is it Safe to Drink?

The National Resources Defense League recently released a report on the state of drinking water in America. Their findings demonstrate what they describe as “a stunning number of violations of the Safe Drinking Water Act around the nation.” | read

6/21/16 // Spontaneous Urban Plants

Landscape architect David Seiter talks about his new project: Spontaneous Urban Plants: Weeds in NYC. David is interested in how weeds might be used by landscape designers and urban planners to improve our cities. David is the design director and founding principle of Future Green Studio. | listen

5/20/16 // Behavioral Economics and Climate Change Policy

Gowdy talks with us about his work: "Behavioral Economics and Climate Change Policy" in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. | listen

5/18/16 // When Economics Includes The Environment

As the author of over 170 published articles and 10 books, Gowdy discusses some of his work including Paradise for Sale: A Parable of Nature, with Carl McDaniel. | listen

5/17/16 // What Does Evolution Got To Do With It?

In collaboration with evolutionary biologists, we learn how Professor Gowdy focuses on the evolution of economic systems. | listen

5/16/16 // Ecological Economics

We speak with John Gowdy, the recipient of the Herman Daly Award for contributions to ecological economics, about the evolving field. | listen

4/27/16 // Touring the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Research organization Algalita has organized a number of expeditions into the North Pacific Gyre to study the effect of the tons of plastic that makes its way into the ocean. | read

4/25/16 // Earth Day NYC

This weekend, BTR went to check out Earth Day in Union Square. The event featured dozens of green-minded exhibitors, displays, kids’ activities, and performances. | read

3/22/16 // Dana Sherwood

Artist Dana Sherwood is interested in the boundaries between the domestic and the wild. She is particularly known for work that involves preparing elaborate meals for animals and documenting the ensuing feasts with hidden motion-sensitive cameras. | listen

3/1/16 // Newman

Jon Fox is the director of the new documentary Newman. The film tells the story of a self-educated inventor named Joseph Newman who in the 1980s claimed to have invented a perpetual motion machine. To Newman's skeptics, his device violated basic laws of physics. But according to Newman --- and many… | listen

1/7/16 // Plant-Based Diets

We learn about fitness and diet benefits of a plant-based nutritious from Dan Buetter, a National Geographic Fellow and author of Blue Zones. | listen

1/6/16 // Cycle and Save the World

The founder of 5-Hour Energy hopes to solve the developing world’s most pressing energy concerns with stationary bikes, but can his idea be implemented sustainably on large scales? | read

12/31/15 // New Year's Week

We delve into some positive changes to make for 2016 that can help the New Year ring in with some environmental hope in protecting our resources. | listen

11/27/15 // Pollution-Eating Bikini

A new bikini helps you clean the oceans as you swim. | read

11/24/15 // Fossil Fuel Devestments

Helen Rosenthal discusses the responsibility of public officials and calls for a financial study on the detriment of fossil fuel investments. | listen

9/3/15 // Tiny Workers Help the Earth

Labor Week - There may be more than one million species of insects in the world. Many of the schemas we hold about insects are negative. However, while insects are not exactly beloved creatures, they perform an astonishing amount of beneficial work. | read

8/31/15 // Ryan Schleeter on climate justice

Ryan Schleeter joins us to talk about the intersection of the environment and social justice, checking in on the migrant crisis in Europe, and homelessness amongst NYC students is at an all time high. | listen

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