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6/14/17 // Matthew Barr, Part II: Multiplayer Game Skills

Matthew Barr discusses his belief in moderation and discipline with video games, and why his study focused primarily on multiplayer games. | listen

6/13/17 // Matthew Barr, Part I: Video Games Develop Educational Skills

Matthew Barr joins the show to discuss his paper on how video games can help develop educational skills like communication, adaptability, and resourcefulness. | listen

5/23/17 // Michael Kirk on “Bannon’s War”

Michael Kirk on tonight’s Frontline documentary Bannon’s War, John on Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia, and Trump’s cuts to the education budget.     Photo credit: Twitter (@KDGKirk) | listen

4/14/17 // Ep 1 // Free College, Streaming Music, and Colossal

For our inaugural episode, we welcome Oriana Leckert and Matt Ruby. With the dawning of “free” four year college in New York State, we discuss the value of a college education, some of the… | listen

4/13/17 // Molly Knefel on Betsy DeVos and Public Education

Molly Knefel -- one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch -- takes a closer look at Betsy DeVos and the stances she’s begun to unveil in the… | watch

3/23/17 // Molly Knefel on How Trump's Budget Targets After-School...

Molly Knefel -- one half of the sibling host team of the longrunning progressive politics podcast, Radio Dispatch -- discusses how the new proposed budget recently released by the Trump Administration… | watch

3/17/17 // Trump’s budget

Trump’s budget proposal takes aim at after school, heating assistance, and Meals on Wheels, his new Muslim ban is blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii, and a Times op-ed challenges parents of white… | listen

3/16/17 // Preston Green on Charter Schools

Dr. Preston Green on how charter schools are like Enron, a look at the latest round of weirdos hired by Trump, and the BBC family speaks. Photo credit: Preston Green (Twitter) | listen

2/28/17 // Gender Identity

BTRtoday writer and podcaster Taia Handlin joins the show to discuss gender identity, common misconceptions therein, and the recent removal of federal protections of transgender students in schools. | listen

12/16/16 // Education & Consumption

Lynn Walsh talks about potential changes and refocusing in journalism education, how we can become more responsible consumers of media, and the environment for journalists in a post-truth world. | listen

9/16/16 // Economic Segregation in Connecticut Schools

Two schools in Connecticut highlight the enduring problem of school segregation, Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Ash Carter disagree on cooperation with Russia in Syria, and… | listen


In Helping Children Succeed, Paul Tough takes on a new set of pressing questions: What does growing up in poverty do to children’s mental and physical development? How does adversity at home affect their success in the classroom, from preschool to high school? And what practical steps can the… | listen

6/7/16 // Marcy Wheeler joins us

Marcy Wheeler joins us to discuss how Edward Snowden told the NSA about his concerns before going public, looking at the challenges facing homeless youth in New York City, and the radical politics of Muhammad Ali.   | listen

5/25/16 // Gideon Oliver on NYPD surveillance

Gideon Oliver joins us to discuss a lawsuit regarding NYPD surveillance of the Young Lords in the 60s and 70s, a school community bullies a transgender kindergartener, and listener mail. | listen

4/5/16 // The Tea Project

Artists Aaron Hughes and Amber Ginsburg discuss TEA, a project that grew out of Aaron's encounters with tea, and being offered tea while deployed in Kuwait and Iraq as a member of the Illinois Army National Guard. | listen

3/24/16 // Natural Week

What are some of the ways that we can sustain a natural and ongoing dialogue, to form communities of knowledge outside of institutions? | listen

3/12/16 // Sex (Postivite) Education

Advocates for sex-positivity are revolutionizing education to foster a more open, inclusive dialogue among youth communities. | read

3/11/16 // Gardens On Trial

In the battle between community gardens vs. affordable housing: what do we truly lose in choosing the latter? | read

12/24/15 // Holiday Week

How to spread the spirit through food conservation--the best kind of giving that we can pay forward not only to our personal communities, but to the global community too. | listen

11/29/15 // Maurice Wright - Book & Table

Our mission is to bring students together with outstanding, well-respected educators and to repurpose collaborative workspaces, offices, and bookstores in order to create unique classrooms in intellectually stimulating environments. | listen

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