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4/20/17 // What's The Deal With Pennies, Anyway?

The power of the penny is a strange alchemy of history, habit, and economics. | read

4/11/17 // Peter Frase on Four Futures

Peter Frase joins us to discuss his book Four Futures: Life After Capitalism, and listener mail. Photo credit: Twitter (@pefrase) | listen

12/14/16 // Mike Konczal on Trump’s Win

Mike Konczal on what Democrats can learn from Trump’s Win, Bernie’s town hall in Wisconsin   Photo courtesy of Mike Konczal | listen

11/11/16 // Avoiding Fallacies

Evie Adomait discusses common fallacies to avoid in economics arguments and offers up a different way to think about taxes. | listen

11/10/16 // Paying Without Money

Evie Adomait discusses important concepts to know for a basic economic understanding, the role of taxes, and paying with things other than money. | listen

11/9/16 // Economic Schools of Thought

Evie Adomait discusses major schools of economic thought and why emotions always factor into economic discussion. | listen

11/8/16 // Micro vs. Macro

Evie Adomait explains the difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics and discusses the concept of scarcity. | listen

11/7/16 // Emotional Economics

Professor Evie Adomait talks about why discussions about economics tend to get so emotional, and the difficulty in making such a dense subject interesting to readers and students. | listen

9/6/16 // McMansion Hell

This week: Writer Kate Wagner discusses her research and fascination with architecture's greatest monstrosity: The McMansion. Her website, McMansion Hell, provides comprehensive and hilarious… | listen

5/20/16 // Behavioral Economics and Climate Change Policy

Gowdy talks with us about his work: "Behavioral Economics and Climate Change Policy" in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. | listen

5/19/16 // Sustainability Theories

We discuss sustainability theories and practices within the field of ecological economics. | listen

5/18/16 // When Economics Includes The Environment

As the author of over 170 published articles and 10 books, Gowdy discusses some of his work including Paradise for Sale: A Parable of Nature, with Carl McDaniel. | listen

5/16/16 // Ecological Economics

We speak with John Gowdy, the recipient of the Herman Daly Award for contributions to ecological economics, about the evolving field. | listen

5/12/16 // Island Week

This week is island week, and we’re going to take a look at how seemingly independent, isolated phenomenon are really surrounded by a number of waves of influence. | listen

5/8/16 // Insects Solving Inequality

Ecological economics is a burgeoning field of study that aims to integrate practical, efficient natural processes for human betterment and well-being. | read

1/15/16 // Bryce Covert on State of the Economy

Bryce Covert joins us to discuss Obama's State of the Union and the current state of the economy, Detroit teachers are calling in sick to protest conditions in public schools, listener mail. | listen

1/13/16 // How To Fly The New Standby

The disappearance of flying standby doesn’t have to mean the disappearance of cheap flights—you just have to get creative! | read

12/4/15 // Creating a System to Save Food

Learning how LeanPath Inc. creates a technological system that addresses the food waste crisis in America. | listen

9/4/15 // Mike Konczal joins us

Mike Konczal joins us to discuss the ups and downs of the stock market, Obama’s legacy with Dodd Frank, and the presidential candidates’ economic platforms. Also, John has a funny story he’s wanted to read Molly since yesterday, and listener mail. | listen

7/28/15 // The Uber Culture

Part II with Sarah Lacy focuses on the questionable morals of Uber's culture in impacting the larger culture of Silicon Valley. | listen

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