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6/21/16 // Spontaneous Urban Plants

Landscape architect David Seiter talks about his new project: Spontaneous Urban Plants: Weeds in NYC. David is interested in how weeds might be used by landscape designers and urban planners to improve our cities. David is the design director and founding principle of Future Green Studio. | listen

11/7/15 // Rise and Fall of the Hypercarnivore

Thousands of years ago, the only animals capable of hunting giant herbivores were equally gigantic carnivores. Get an up close and personal look at these crazy beasts! | read

2/14/15 // A Wooden Legacy

Outlier Week - Manhattan’s last natural forest stands at Inwood Hill Park. | read

12/21/13 // Algae Farms, Fuel, and Feed - Energy Week

Researchers discuss the many developments and uses of algae research for efficient cultivation, biofuel, animal feed, wastewater treatment, and potential support. | read

10/10/13 // A Problematic Pipeline

Controversy abounds over the construction of a natural gas pipeline through lower Manhattan. | read

7/23/13 // Art Uncovered

This week on the show is artist Mary Mattingly. Mary's work combines photography, sculpture, architecture and ecology to bring us visions of a post-apocaliptic future -- as well as, most importantly, some ideas for how we might survive such a future, or avoid it all together. With works like her… | listen

1/7/12 // Meet the Locavores - Nutrition Week

To understand the concept behind America’s latest trend towards eating local, it might be best considered from the standpoint of a banana. | read

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