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7/20/17 // Week of 07/20/17

July seems to be wedding season, so why not make it "Reggae Wedding Season". Let's celebrate love, toasts, speaches, first dances and all things marriage related on today's Reggae Hour | listen

7/13/17 // Week of 07/13/17

A 50/50 split with reggae group Rising Tide and reggae singer Romain Virgo. Enjoy the sweet reggae tunes! | listen

7/6/17 // Week of 07/06/17

Post 4th of July reggae vibes bring us right to the beach, the ocean, the sand, the sea. You get it, right? Roots and dub in tribute to the beauty that is the beach. Let's do it! | listen

6/29/17 // Week of 06/29/17

Bill Laswell weaves his way throughout the entire show today as he makes musical magic with Jah Wobble, David "Solid" Gould and Azzddine. Heavy experimental dub! | listen

6/22/17 // Week of 06/22/17

Experimental electronic dub throughout this reggae show today, with tracks form Dubamine, Echo Wanderer and a final track from Salmonella Dub | listen

6/15/17 // Week of 06/15/17

Flag Day Celebrations! It's the summer so any excuse to play good reggae tunes is good enough for me! Let's do the damn thing! | listen

6/8/17 // Week of 06/08/17

Fortunate Youth kick off the Reggae Hour! Tunes from their new record, their old records, and so many featured artists. Plus a final track from Steel Pulse, a legendary reggae band they will be sharing the stage with in July! | listen

6/1/17 // Week of 06/01/17

1st of June, and we are celebrating some amazing and powerful female voices in reggae music today on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour | listen

5/25/17 // Week of 05/25/17

Pre Memorial Day Weekend tunes from Dubmatix, The Slackers, Asian Dub Foundation and more! | listen

5/18/17 // Week of 05/18/17

Moms deserve more than just 1 day! Here on The Reggae Show, we are keeping Mother's Day alive with Mother's Week. Enjoy a full mother inspired Reggae Show here on BTR | listen

5/11/17 // Week of 05/11/17

Acoustic Reggae Vibes! - It's Patrice and Jahcoustix on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour on BTR | listen

5/4/17 // Week of 05/04/17

I-Taweh, plus a special pre Cinco de Mayo block of reggae tunes on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour on BTR | listen

4/27/17 // Week of 04/27/17

Pre May-Day means some dope reggae tunes dedicated to immigrants and citizen's of the world! | listen

4/20/17 // Week of 04/20/17

Happy 4/20! 60 min of Ganja tunes to celebrate on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour | listen

4/13/17 // Week of 04/13/17

50/50 show featuring Dreadzone and Little Axe, on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour on BTR | listen

4/6/17 // Week of 04/06/17

Tiken Jah Fakoly taking over the Reggae Show today where he is either the main or featured artists. West African Reggae at its best! | listen

3/30/17 // Week of 03/30/17

The only thing better than reggae music is LIVE REGGAE MUSIC! Enjoy a full setlist dedicated to live reggae! | listen

3/23/17 // Week of 03/23/17

1/2 The Banyons & 1/2 The Simpkin Project on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour on BTR | listen

3/16/17 // Week of 03/16/17

The luck of the Irish and the love of the Green. It's a very merry St. Patrick's day themed Reggae Hour on BTR | listen

3/9/17 // Week of 03/09/17

Iba Mahr, and the many featured artists he is working with, on DJ Drew's Reggae Hour on BTR | listen

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