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12/3/17 // Outrageously Impressive Holiday Cocktails

Weather outside frightful? These holiday cocktails can warm any room. | read

5/14/17 // Clear Coffee Is Here. But Why?

Two brothers from Slovakia have created a coffee drink that looks like water, but will provide your daily dose of caffeine. Is it brilliant, or just plain gross? | read

3/29/17 // Sanatorium: Creating A Cocktail

Sanatorium is a hospital-themed bar and lounge in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. Inspired by the history of 19th century hospitals and remedies, Sanatorium features medicinal cocktails… | watch

3/15/17 // Sanatorium

Sanatorium is a hospital-themed bar and lounge in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. Inspired by the history of 19th century hospitals and remedies, Sanatorium features medicinal cocktails… | watch

1/4/16 // Columbus Circle Holiday Market

BTR checks out the Columbus Circle Holiday Market--a seasonal fair featuring local artisans, gourmet food, artwork, home goods, and seasonal products. | read

10/11/15 // Sunday Brunch: Bourbon Champagne Cocktail

Last month was National Bourbon Heritage Month, but because it was so hot here in the Northeast, we were focusing on drinks a bit more refreshing and less potent. Now that the transitional weather is finally upon is, we can celebrate bourbon for autumn, while still enjoying the last bits of warm… | read

10/1/15 // Swine

Welcome to a special happy hour edition of Thirsty Thursday here on Dish + Drink. This week, I wandered to Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood for a few drinks on my way home to Hoboken. After just missing the happy hour deal at a place nearby, my friends and I decided to try Swine on Hudson… | read

9/17/15 // Little Town Social

For such a new restaurant, Little Town Social already has something of a storied history. The bar, located on First Street between Park and Garden in Hoboken, NJ, is owned by Chris and Albie Manzo, who are known both for their other NJ restaurants and for their appearance on 'The Real Housewives of… | read

9/13/15 // Sunday Brunch: The Crooked Knife

Despite loving brunch and booze, Molly Freeman had yet to enjoy the two together. In order to remedy this tragedy, she dined at The Crooked Knife's 30th St location with a group of friends for boozy brunch. | read

8/27/15 // Spicy Gin Old Fashioned

Today, when we think of an Old Fashioned, we think of the popular, but classic whiskey cocktail. Those who know booze history, though, know that the Old Fashioned is the name given to the alleged earliest cocktail: any base spirit, sugar, water, and bitters. | read

8/24/15 // Rye Resilient As Ever

Dish + Drink's Dane Feldman takes a look at the history of rye whiskey, why it disappeared, and why it's come back into the forefront again. Rye is the "original American whiskey," and after a long period of dormancy, it is looking to reclaim its spot as the nation's favorite spirit. | read

8/20/15 // Alternatives to Soda

Part 2 of our interview with Niraj Naik who explains what soda does to the body and healthier alternatives. | listen

8/20/15 // Ward Eight

Most Ward Eights include more than a dash of grenadine and sometimes they call for a maraschino cherry, but this one is a bit boozier than the classic. So, I cut it with extra citrus, and only added a dash of grenadine as well as some Peychaud’s bitters for additional depth. | read

8/19/15 // Sugar Drink Addictions

We speak with Niraj Naik, former pharmacist and holistic health practitioner, on the pervasive addiction to sugar drinks. | listen

8/13/15 // Loopy Doopy at The Conrad

Molly Freeman recently checked out the Loopy Doopy Rooftop Bar at The Conrad Hotel in Battery Park City. While the views and drinks were enjoyable, she found the whole venue to be a bit overrated. | read

7/30/15 // The Wayland

BTR travels to one of Social Media Director Jess Goulart's favorite spots in Manhattan, a gastropub called The Wayland down in Alphabet City. The bar serves up impressive cocktails and local fare. | read

7/23/15 // Summer Gin + Juice

This drink combines gin and fruit juices with elderflower liqueur and ginger liqueur for a tart, floral, and aromatic treat. The pomegranate juice is optional, but it’s also quite recommended. | read

5/7/15 // The Bitter Orange

This drink combines bitter orange, juniper berries, and rhubarb, which are the most prominent flavors of gin and Aperol. So, whip up a batch of these part sweet, part bitter cocktails and serve them at all of your springtime gatherings. | read

4/4/15 // Spice Chelsea

Dish + Drink checks out one of the 11 Spice locations in New York City. Thai food is abundant in this city, but Spice is at the forefront of New Yorkers' minds with its consistent menu and good vibes. | read

3/19/15 // Anarchy in Liquid Form

Dish + Drink checks out Evil Twin Brewing’s Molotov Cocktail Single Simcoe Hop Edition Imperial IPA. | read

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