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4/3/18 // M. Kardinal

M. Kardinal lives and works as a freelance artist and photographer in Berlin. She works with photography, moving images and multimedia installation. | listen

8/1/17 // Gretchen Scherer

Gretchen Schere is New York-based artist whose work with paint and collage re-creates interior spaces that speak to our subconscious dreams. She received her MFA from Hunter College in 2006 and her… | listen

1/5/17 // Lucid Dreaming and Fear

For today’s podcast we’ll connect with Susana Martinez-Conde, a neuroscientist and science writer and David Altheide, who has been tracing the development of this fear since its indoctrination into our country’s media over four decades ago. | listen

12/16/16 // “Dreams” by Grace Joyner

Grace Joyner has officially stepped out of the shadows. Whereas she used to sing harmonies in various bands around Charleston, South Carolina, she’s now come into her own with this project.… | watch

10/3/16 // Stress Dreams

Brooke gets personal and talks about the recurring themes of the stress dreams that plague her naps. She also describes her bi-weekly stops at the bodega for Bitch Talk supplies. Spoiler alert: she's… | watch

8/10/16 // 1st Person: Larena // From Montana To New York

As one of the countless people who have or will move to New York City to chase their dreams this year, Larena shares what motivated her to make the move from Missoula, Montana. She also recounts her… | watch

3/4/16 // Dreaming With a Broken Heart

BTR explores why unrequited love is a real nightmare, and how to wake up. | read

3/3/16 // Engaging With Consciousness

We learn how dreamwork in a workshop program can have practical applications to your waking life. | listen

3/3/16 // Max Richter’s 8-Hour Lullaby

BTR sits down with the famous composer, Max Richter, about his dreamy 8-hour composition entitled “Sleep.” | read

3/2/16 // Liminal Dreaming Inspires the Creative Mind

Some of the world’s greatest minds, from Einstein to Aristotle, found inspiration in the state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep. | read

3/1/16 // Collective Dreaming

Part 2 with Jennifer Dumpert talking about the group dreaming workshops she leads that promote untapped ideas. | listen

3/1/16 // Drawing On The Unconscious

How dreams and art therapy join in a sacred junction of aesthetics and psychological healing. | read

2/29/16 // Unconscious Creativity

We speak with Jennifer Dumpert, writer, lecturer, and workshop leader who teaches experience-based forms of dreamwork to promote creativity. | listen

1/12/15 // Log & Share Your Dreams

Inspired Week - A new app enables people to remember their dreams and input them in a global database. | read

9/16/14 // Dreaming in Films

Emotion Week - How movies can manipulate how we dream. | read

3/21/14 // Michi Kusa

A psychic birth of pop melodies. | read

3/19/14 // The Wednesday Show

Start your Wednesday high energy and anthem with DJRePete and the latest from Ages and Ages, Hospitality, and Saintseneca. Also in the mix, some blues-funk with the Poets of Rhythm, and a set with a beat headlined by Modill. Hit up info and a preview of the Treefort Music Festival going down this… | listen

1/22/14 // The Wednesday Show

DJRePete’s at the controls to start your Wednesday BTR mix with upbeat, trippy alternative from the Painted Palms & Jessica Pratt, singles by Of Montreal & UMO, as well as a few choice BTR throwbacks including some new album news from the Dum Dum Girls! Plus, you can’t miss the brand new… | listen

8/14/13 // Tiny Buddha - "Are You Stressed, Rushed, and Aggravated?"

The journey is more important than the destination sometimes. | read

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