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8/24/17 // It’s Still Sex, Drugs And Rock ‘n’ Roll At Fat White Family Zine Release Show

Take a peek into the Pandora’s box of rock ‘n’ roll with the Fat White Family zine by Alec Castillo & Sacha Lecca. | read

8/18/17 // Ep 19 // NYC’s No Dancing Law / ‘Detroit’

Jonah Levy on the effort to repeal NYC’s Cabaret Law; Charles Hinshaw on ‘Detroit,’ directed by Kathryn Bigelow; sneak peak of Bonelang’s BTR Live Studio session. | listen

5/17/17 // Episode 14 // Festival International / Gracie Mansion / Shea Stadium

This episode actually starts outside of NYC, featuring music by a couple of artists who recently played at Festival International in Lafayette, Louisiana. Then, we explore music by the members of a… | listen

4/30/17 // Your Perfect Apartment Garden

If you love fresh vegetables in summer, try growing some in the comfort of your own home! | read

4/17/17 // Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads

Meet Australia-based band Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads—their newest album ‘Can Men Like Us Go To Heaven?’ is premiering on this week's The Music Meetup! | read

4/16/17 // Julio Anta Leads the Native Sound into Dreampop-land

Julio Anta, founder of the Native Sound, declares to BTRtoday that reverb is king for his label’s signings. | read

3/27/17 // Shadow Band

Meet Shadow Band--the dark and mysterious group that everyone is looking for. They've got some edge, some sweetness, and some eeriness. | read

2/3/17 // The Royal They

They’re just three protozoa that crawled out from under the pillars of creation and picked up instruments. But what happened after they picked up those instruments is a pivotal point in the history of Brooklyn’s music scene. | read

1/26/17 // Lady (Final Show!), Gingerlys, Holy Tunics, NO ICE at Sunnyvale

The NYC-based band Lady is calling it quits and they’re making sure to go out with a bang at Shea Stadium this Friday! Also playing are Gingerlys, Holy Tunics, & NO ICE—all ages and only $10! | read

1/24/17 // Save Our Spaces

With high rent, fines, strenuous permit processes, and prejudice targeting, established and iconic DIY NYC venues are being bought out or forced to close their doors. How do venues and creative spaces get ahead and keep up? We must form an alliance with artists, audiences, and the city to stay… | read

1/13/17 // The Undercover Dream Lovers

On playing hot potato with instruments, lyrical patterns, and staying focused and positive. | read

1/10/17 // Make Your Own Booze

Now you can make your own alcohol at home with the press of a button... | read

1/6/17 // Dean Cercone

Meet the mystical-psychedelic dreamer Dean Cercone. An artist and a musician—he’s giving the world a completely unique form of creative skills! | read

12/19/16 // Episode 5 // Oriana Leckert / DIY after Ghost Ship

Oriana Leckert is a writer based in and extremely focused on Brooklyn. For years, one of her ongoing projects was a website called Brooklyn Spaces that featured interesting spots around brooklyn --… | listen

12/14/16 // Episode 4

In this episode, we hear a bunch of exclusive live-in-studio versions of songs by artists who we've had into the studio for our shows over the years and are now playing around town in the second half… | listen

11/10/16 // Stuyedeyed Single Release Show at Sunnyvale

Was it a birthday? Was it a funeral? It was the dark and stormy band Stuyedeyed’s single release/tour kick-off show! | read

11/9/16 // Op-Ed: Too Much Love for DIY Spaces

BTRtoday's music reporter is extremely immersed in NYC’s underground music scene and has watched beloved DIY venues come and go all too often--here’s what she has to say about it. | read

11/7/16 // Pill

Whoever said saxophone and punk rock don't go together hasn't heard Pill. The uber-creative group creates melodic tunes with dark undertones sure to get you swaying and praying! | read

9/27/16 // Fun Kitchen Toys

Your kitchen is way more fun when you get superfluous appliances! | read

9/21/16 // Colors of the Pines

Lots of great new tunes this week from show favorites like URANIUM CLUB, VIOLENT CHANGE, STEFAN CHRISTENSEN, and VANITY! Lots of more good new stuff from bands I didn't know before like THE POM POMS… | listen

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