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6/23/17 // JAMJAM Fridays on Ossoff and AHCA

It’s JAMJAM Fridays and Jesse Myerson is here to talk Jon Ossoff, the AHCA, and why the MTA sucks and so does Cuomo. Plus, Morning John on why bipartisanship is meaningless. | listen

6/22/17 // Georgia Special Election Takeaway

John checks in on Trump, North Korea and Otto Warmbier, and Jon Ossoff’s loss in Georgia 06. Plus, catching up on listener mail.      Photo by Anupamtree courtesy of Wikimedia Commons | listen

5/23/17 // Does New Dem Poll Show Bias Breeding Bias?

Democratic polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) seemed to confirm liberal beliefs about how the public has viewed the last three months of the Trump administration. That could be bad news. | read

5/18/17 // Benjamin Friedman, Part I: Foreign Policy

Benjamin Friedman joins the show to discuss what President Trump's unpredictability means for our allies and adversaries, the lack of strategy in Syria, and why the president has become more of a traditional hawk. | listen

5/17/17 // Clinton’s Confetti Finally Falls

Confetti meant to celebrate Hillary's victory gets a second chance to shine in an art display. | read

5/8/17 // Reproductive Rights Are Democratic AF

Misogyny aside, it does not make electoral sense to ignore women’s issues. | read

4/28/17 // Jesse Myerson on the Science March

Jesse Myerson joins us to talk about the politics of science, pro-life Democrats, and what taxes should look like. Also, Morning John on the new office set up for people to report immigrants. | listen

4/26/17 // Taia Handlin on Democratic Ineptitude

Taia returns to discuss Democratic incompetence in the wake of Donald Trump's presidential victory, including the potential alienation of the party's voter base. | listen

4/19/17 // Dr. Steve Billet, Part I: Special Election & Troubling Districts

Dr. Steve Billet is back to discuss the special election in Georgia's 6th district, positive signs for Democrats, big spending on small races, and districts that could give President Trump some trouble. | listen

4/14/17 // Jesse Myerson on Organizing the Middle

Jesse Myerson joins us for our inaugural installment of JAMJAM Fridays, talking organizing, the Democrats, and rejecting the nation state. Also, Morning John on Zeynep Tufekci’s book, “Twitter and… | listen

4/6/17 // Taking the Political Pulse

BTRtoday speaks with Dr. Steve Billet of the George Washington University to get the pulse of national politics. | read

3/18/17 // Op-Ed: Democrats, Republicans, We're All Hypocrites

Hypocrisy has long been part of political perception, but with Republicans fast-tracking healthcare, Democrats pushing Russian conspiracy, and both sides cackling about leaks, how much deeper can we delve into the political slime? | read

3/13/17 // Dr. Steve Billet on Healthcare, Etc.

Dr. Steve Billet is back, this time to discuss issues with the proposed replacement for the Affordable Care Act and the lack of self examination on the part of Democrats. | listen

12/6/16 // Jesse Myerson on What's Next

Jesse Myerson on what’s next for organizing, what’s next for the Democratic party, and why Keith Ellison should be the next DNC chair. | listen

12/1/16 // Dr. Carol M. Swain

Dr. Carol M. Swain discusses her political views and why she believes the United States has been headed in an "ungodly" direction. | listen

11/6/16 // Op Ed: Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Vote

This Tuesday is Election Day. Of course, a new president will be elected, but what do you really know about the smaller branches of government, and those running to fill them? | read

11/3/16 // More Ideology, Less Acceptance

Dr. Steve Billet explains why Hillary Clinton hasn't pulled away, lack of trustworthiness in candidates, and how each party would respond to the other's nominee winning the presidency. | listen

11/2/16 // Will the GOP Survive?

Dr. Steve Billet discusses Donald Trump's effect on the Republican Party and whether or not the GOP will survive the 2016 election. | listen

11/1/16 // Election Tension

Dr. Steve Billet discusses the influence of special interest groups on American government and the tension brought on by election season. | listen

1/20/16 // Frontline on Nutritional Supplements

Frontline's Gillian Findlay on the world of nutritional supplements, and catching up on the recent GOP and Democratic debates. | listen

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