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9/23/17 // 911, This App is the Emergency

An app aiding gawkers and goons seeking emergencies gets over $10 million, proving once again that Silicon Valley's run by sociopaths. | read

3/8/16 // When Selfies Kill

It sounds like a joke, but selfies are becoming an increasingly serious cause of death. BTRtoday takes a look into the motives behind the dangerous social media habit. | read

1/6/14 // The Road to Improving Intextication and Driving - Improvement Week

With a reported 1.6 million car accidents caused a year by cellphone-distracted drivers, have we really improved safety? | read

10/17/13 // Pesticides in Paradise

Biotech companies are mixing pesticides and GMOs beyond regulations from Europe to Kauai, Hawaii. | read

3/7/13 // Commuting Cautiously - Danger Week

The dangers of New York City transit. | read

3/6/13 // Endocrine Disruptors: The Wolf in Microwavable Plastic Clothing - Danger Week

We don't want to cry wolf, but you probably should never eat anything from a plastic container. Here's why... | read

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